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Home sick today, I caught up on the last three weeks of The Good Wife, about which I mostly have "WHAT THE CRAP" to say.

I really gave up on speculating about this show a long time ago, because I don't think I've ever been able to call a major plot point on it (which is why I love it, of course). Therefore I am trying to remind myself that I assume this casting spoiler is know, but maybe not )

I am also resolutely refusing to make guesses about the Cary storyline or the state's attorney race, though okay so maybe a tiny guess )

I have also been watching The Fall, with Gillian Anderson, which is another notch on my list of interesting contemporary post-modernist, post-feminist UK crime dramas, aka 'my current favourite things.' (You'd think this would be a tiny list; I'm pleased to report that it is not nearly as small as one might expect.) It's very different from Scott & Bailey and Happy Valley (which are from the same creator, Sally Wainwright, while The Fall has a male showrunner), but very, very good.

...although I would like to invite you all to listen to Panjabi's mysterious 'Canadian'-plus-whatever accent on TGW and then her brought-up-in-Croydon accent on TF and then chip in to get her a good accent coach, eh? I'm just saying.

One of the things that I particularly like about the show is that Stella is allowed to be a woman of appetites. And yes, of course I include sexually, because that's the one facet that becomes a plot point. I think it's notable too that we see her eating - a big, thick hamburger once, and I think pasta, and chocolate in the most recent ep - all solid foods. She drinks whisky - not a subtle drink.

This could easily have tipped over the edge into overly-masculine caricature - she eats red meat and drinks hard liquor and fucks around, no wonder she makes it in the man's world, ho ho - but what saves it is that more than anything, Stella seems to be a sensualist. This comes out in the way she cuts through the water swimming, the way she holds her head under the shower, the clothes she chooses. I see an appreciation for those sensations, those experiences - even though she seems closed off emotionally, she's determined to express her desires for things that don't necessarily fit a 'proper' view of her.

And thinking on that, and thinking about it appreciatively, positively, started me thinking about Katie. I'm pretty... critical of? easily-frustrated by? stressed about? Katie's insistence on pursuing Spector. Obviously this is about audience-knowledge rather than in-show-knowledge, but it's also that sort of cringing vicarious embarrassment of watching a young teenage girl do the sort of things that young teenage girls can do, you know?

But how does what the show says about Stella relate to what it says about Katie? Of course what Katie does is a problem largely because Spector is a serial killer, but in a lot of ways she mirrors Stella. Katie too gets to eat pasta and drink red wine, to (attempt to) make sexual demands, to be confident (as much as she can). We're meant to worry, to wonder what will come of it and how it will allow Paul to use her, but really, the problem doesn't necessarily lie in what she does and what she wants as much as it does in the fact that a predator uses her desires and her actions to ensnare and endanger her. Sure she does stupid teenage things, but she's a stupid teenager!

And that the show doesn't, actually, mock her for that... it definitely gave me pause, and then I gave myself a swift kick in the pants for being so judgey about Katie myself. I think the world could do with a lot more overly-confident sixteen-year-old girls.
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WOW this ep of The Good Wife was cinematographically a love letter to their first season, wasn't it? That final scene - Alicia at the podium - was framed and cut perfectly to echo her standing there with Peter in the first episode. I love how smart this show is, I love it.

Also: Elsbeth. That is all.
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My favourite shot in this week's The Good Wife (4.03, "Dear God") ...

(side note - I just noticed that this season's episode names are back down to two words. I wonder if they're actively working towards a seven-season arc?)

...anyways, my favourite shot is a shot in which we don't even see Alicia - in fact, I don't think we see any named characters. It's a nice long take, a beautiful tracking shot that runs us through a corridor at speed for nearly ten seconds. We know we're in Alicia's pov not just because of the way the narrative is set up, but also because we get to watch the way everyone else responds to her, leaping out of the way of the camera, literally recoiling from what we can only imagine the expression on her face must look like. This is who Alicia has become - she is a force of nature, or damn near.

minor spoilers )

I still want to be Eli when I grow up.


Sep. 24th, 2014 05:42 pm
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In the midst of my weekly Scott & Bailey-induced freakout, other telly things, briefly:

The Good Wife 6x01 )

Gotham 1x01 )

Agents of SHIELD 2x01 )
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I've been idly rewatching The Good Wife and reached 4x01 this afternoon, which sent me looking for the great discussion we had in [personal profile] sophia_gratia's journal when it first aired. Re-reading the comments on her analysis of one of the Kalinda scenes pointed out that when we see Kalinda's notebook, we can actually see Archie's lines in it, which I of course had to pause and see for myself. And then I laughed like a loon for about five minutes, because along with her lines, what else can we see on the page?

(click to embiggen)

The word 'about,' written four or five times, circled, with arrows pointing to it.

Given some discussions I've been having lately about Kalinda's accent slipping... this cracked me up.
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One of the things I love about The Good Wife is how it presents sex on screen.

let's talk about sex baby )
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Meme time again! (Even just a couple of days in, I am really enjoying this meme: my flist is so busy again! And journalling/commenting/writing has been so bound up with anxiety lately that it is nice to have clear-cut reasons to interact with people without feeling like a numpty. YAY. So I still have some slots free if anyone is interested. I'm also trying to comment on everyone who has asked for topics, so if I've missed you, please point me back to it?)

[personal profile] bell asked me to talk about The Good Wife s5. EXCELLENT TIMING. Spoilers behind the cut, but the one thing I will say first is: I'm so annoyed that they gave up on the episode naming conventions! All the s1 episodes had single-word names, the s2 eps had two-word names, and so on through s4, but s5 has weirdly gone back to three-word names. *fistshake* Breaking tradition!

first, the dislikes... )

and the LIKES... )
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Note for anyone not assigned to me: I am on AO3 as kathryne. :)

My very dear Yuletide writer! Thank you so much for writing for me, first off. I'm extremely excited and I know that as long as you enjoy what you're writing, I will too! I am going to ramble a bit about my general likes and then my fandom-specific likes, but I hope that if you have an idea that doesn't quite fit with the fandom-specific thoughts that you'll run with it and write something fun for you.

In general, I like stories about awesome women. :D This doesn't mean that I just like strong women - there is a lot to be said for vulnerabilities - but complexities of character are key. Of course, if you've offered to write one of my requests, you probably understand that perfectly. I like relationshippy stories, but I would also enjoy gen or friendship fic about any of the ladies I've requested. I do like a little plot with my porn, if that's the direction you're going, but the porn part is certainly not mandatory.

I like off-panel moments, backstory that we know must have happened but never saw, angst, sex, no sex. I like both happy endings and sad endings! I love character interaction and banter and humour and snark. I like linear narrative and non-linear, experimental narrative.

I dislike embarrassment/humiliation, non-con (though I love power dynamics), stories about Epic Man Pain, poor grammar, and illlogical characterization.

Warehouse 13 )

The Good Wife )

Casino Royale Bond-verse )

I am really looking forward to Yuletide-y goodness, and I hope that even after reading this, you are too. :D Please remember that optional details are optional and have FUN, and thank you for writing me a fic!
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The Good Wife 4.02! I'm not going to get around to rewatching or writing up anything much about this ep (insert rant about too much teaching here), so a brief discussion of two scenes that I quite liked under the cut )
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Dear [community profile] femslash12 author: eeee yay you're writing me a fic! I love you already. :D I am going to babble a little bit about what I like in fic in general before moving on to what I like about the specific fandoms and pairings I listed; if you already have some ideas, please feel free to ignore the second part of this altogether and write whatever floats your boat.

generalities )

specificities – Warehouse 13, The Good Wife, Sanctuary, Captain Marvel )
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I just caught up on The Good Wife )

IIt is entirely unfair that I didn't get around to catching up till August and yet I still have to wait till the end of September for new eps. I know none of you have any sympathy, BUT STILL.

...maybe I will just rewatch the whole series. What, I have time. And there is not another show around with this overwhelming number of incredible ladies being incredible at and to and with and against each other. It makes me happy in my soul.
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another ham sandwich, om nom nom )

I wish I had more to say about this show - I pretty much just sit down and stare at it with hearteyes until it ends.
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Very very brief Good Wife catch-up-y bits (with excessive capslock):

3x12 )

3x13 )

God, going from watching season 1 Stargate to watching The Good Wife is complete mental whiplash. Whoa, good writing, what a concept. :P But seriously, this SHOW, I love everything it chooses to be, and it chooses to be everything that I love.
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I thought I was two weeks behind on The Good Wife, but it turns out I was only one! That was both good and bad - good that I wasn't not too behind, but bad that I'd only one to catch up on in the blanket-fort I've turned my bed into due to the, ahem, inclement weather. :P

TGW 3x10 - very little of import behind here, really )

God fucking dammit, I wish I hadn't been spoiled for that final scene on Tumblr. :( Those of us with actual day jobs disapprove of the profligate and immediate posting of gifspams - before I even had time to download, much less watch, the bloody thing, which makes it all the worse. Having to wait a week to watch, okay, spoilers happen - but within hours? Sigh. Rude.

I was going to watch and post about this week's Sanctuary as well, but as my downloaded copy is broken and my internet is being a bit fail, I don't think that's going to happen. So I shall go back and keep working my way through season two. :P
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Wow, this episode was remarkably topical, wasn't it? Great timing. God, Diane just STOLE this week's show.

also, I predictably love that the ep title is WTF )
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Rrrrrg. Just watching this last week's The Good Wife, and it makes me extremely sad that no one nominated ASA Dana Lodge as a Yuletide character. Not that I should be shocked, but... dammit, Yuletide.

Also: KALINDAAAAAAAAAA. <3 brief spoilers )

(Also also: REALLY, REALLY, someone nom'd Jason Todd and Koriand'r from Red Hood for Yuletide? COMICS FANDOM WHYYY.)
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LOVE. THIS. SHOW. Not as in depth as I would like to be, but I'm back and here's this week's post. :P

the good wife 3x05 )


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