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So after much dithering and missing out on cheap con and plane tickets, I finally decided to go to GeekGirlCon this year after all. *excitedface* (If you're going to be there, let me know!) It's pretty much a flying visit, which sadly means I won't have much time to hang with [personal profile] dafna, but I am very pleased that the day after I bought the plane tickets, the con announced that their kickoff event would be Bechdel Test Burlesque. Way to combine two of my favourite things. :P

I am trying to make a decision, though. I have this gorgeous original poster of the wraparound cover for Wonder Woman #1 from 1987, which [ profile] frabjousdave gave me a few years ago. I was lucky enough to get it signed in London by George Perez, who was the writer and artist on the book for several years from that point. What I'm trying to decide is if I want to get it signed by other creators who've worked on the character since. On the one hand, it's Perez art for a Perez-written book and I don't know if other creators would feel odd about signing it. On the other hand, I've been, again, lucky to meet and have meaningful conversations with a lot of creators who have shaped the character, and it would be interesting to have their signatures all on one work. HMM. Maybe I will ask them in advance.

It also occurred to me that I could get Greg Rucka to sign the posters Alex had made for me from panels of Rucka's comics. That would be cool.

I feel weird about going to this con not having done a huge amount of work and analysis on the comics of the creators who are guests. But I guess there's still time.


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