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Re my post last week about Renee's role in the DCnU, Dan DiDio has apparently answered the question...
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Soooo I picked up Justice League #1, the first of the 52 new books for DC's fancy-shmancy relaunch, and... not impressed. Without spoilers, it was basically a series of dudely dudes fighting each other to prove that no really, they are superheroes, they are! Sigh. And while it managed to intro four of the main male characters who will be featured in the book, the only female character with a speaking role was a nameless cheereader - cheering for the football team one of the heroes is on, of course - drawing attention to other of the male heroes as they fly past. Even not interrogating it from a gender perspetive, though, it was just kind of dull.

And okay, Greg Rucka gave me heck on twitter a few weeks ago for pointing out that the first isue of his Punisher didn't pass the Bechdel test; he argued that it was like judging an entire novel on the basis of its first chapter, which is a fair point. But in this case, JL 1 is meant to be the hook that draws an Entire New Readership!!1! into comics, and not only wasn't it new, it wasn't really all that innovative or great. So. We'll see. Thankfully the books that I'm actually interested in start hitting shelves next week. :D

Also, I am hearing - completely sourceless, so I have no idea if they're true - rumours that Renee Montoya is NOT going to continue as the Question in the new universe. I am so torn over this! Her arc from washed-out cop to superhero is one of my favourite things about comics ever and I will be incredibly sad if they erase it fully. I will be suprised if they 'de-power' her, as it were, after all the lip service about ensuring a more diverse DCU, because she is one of the more visible LGBT heroes. That said, I adore her in Gotham Central at least as much as I love her as the Question, and I think that sort of book - dealing with the ground-level realities of life for people without super powers or spandex - is one of the things that succesfully builds a universe rather than just a series of loosely connected heroes. Plus Renee in Gotham puts her in the same city as Helena and Babs and Kate, and if they keep her a cop maybe she will still be on Maggie's squad and the there could be ~drama~... But. Fneh. I am unsure what I want to happen here. (Also: hugely depends on who writes her. Anyone but Greg Rucka gets a preemptive side-eye from me...)

ANYWAYS COMICS, shiny things on paper woooo. Work to do now.


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