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Apparently Joss et al are in negotiations with Indian actress Priyanka Chopra for the Wonder Woman film (oddly enough, that link has spoilers for a Vala storyline in SG-1, if anyone cares). I am... unimpressed by her appearance - she looks kind of like an Indian Salma Hayek - but haven't seen anything she's done. Has anyone else?

Innnteresting. I'm so glad they're looking ethnic, though, as opposed to some of the names that have been bandied about. *g*


Mar. 8th, 2006 04:01 pm
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So, I'm not completely following the whole Infinite Crisis and One Year Later arcs in DC comics right now, but OMG Wonder Woman. *weeps* My poor Diana has really gotten the short end of the stick in the last couple of major DC events - first Queen Hippolyta dies, and now this!

Given that once again DC is relaunching WW (why, why do they do this to us?), I thought I should share some of the fantastic bits from the last couple of years of issues. And by fantastic bits, I largely mean gay, but also sometimes really, really touching.

First, there is no way this is going behind a cut. I don't have the scan any more, but this is at least the second time this particular epithet has popped up in WW:

Obviously it's an update of the ever-popular Silver Age "Suffering Sappho!" Which leads me to wonder what the Sapphic epithet in volume 3 will be.

Speaking of…

A scans_daily post that includes many many images and gives a lovely intro to Diana's everybody's favourite Amazon blacksmith, Io. (Spoilers from pre-Infinite Crisis events.)

And another s_d post, in which we follow up with Io - and all the other Amazons. Definite Crisis spoilers here, and oh this is so sad!

Seriously, at the end of volume 1 and Crisis on Infinite Earth, at least Diana got to marry Steve Trevor and live happily forever after in Olympus. This is just way too painful, although it does set up a potential new and exciting direction for Diana. But but but! *weeps*

And last but not least, just because. Superman and Diana discuss death (single image).


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