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Oh, what a week. Although there were certainly some very nice things that happened, it was also a week in which everyplace I needed to go was closed when I got there, my course convenor not only didn't know that I was teaching on his course but insisted that I was in the wrong and wouldn't believe me without checking with the office that I knew my own teaching schedule, and where a group of us got trapped by a broken lock in the tutors' office and had to have a maintenance man climb in through the window to let us out.

Yeah. It was a week.

Saturday I went up to London (see also: rail improvements meaning that the 50-minute journey took two hours. Each way.) and saw Wicked with some friends. I was already kind of vaguely annoyed about the fact that we're getting an Oz the Great and Powerful movie this year, but now I'm even more annoyed.

The Wizard of Oz - book and movie, and the other books and movies too, really - is really a female-centred universe. Wizard is all about pitting different kinds of female strength against each other, and the unmasking of male posturing, and the innate power of the girl, and even the surprising importance of pink. :P And Wicked is again about female relationships - Elphaba and Glinda are the love story of the show, and whether it's read as a romantic relationship or an erotic friendship or whatever, their partnership is still the core of the story. And yet despite the success of the musical and the relative success of the books, we're getting Oz the Great and Powerful, which I suspect will be all about how he actually isn't all that bad really.


The more I watch/think about the musical (which is not all that often - I hadn't seen it for four years), the more invested I get in the tragedy of Glinda. The current London Glinda (Gina Beck) really sells just how much Glinda is affected at the beginning/end of the show. Don't get me wrong, I looooove Elphie, but... Glinda. <3

So now I'm off to re-find all the fabulous fic that hasn't disappeared from the interwebs. :P
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I mentioned this to [ profile] soupytwist and then forgot to dig it up before she left this morning, and I thought some of the rest of you might find it interesting, so.

Video Killed the Radio Star is a vid that looks at the story of Wicked (mostly bookverse) using footage from Wizard of Oz. It is fantastic and you should totally watch it and comment on it.


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