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eta: hoshit! I can't believe I forgot to link to this! You MUST go watch [ profile] beccatoria's fantastic Wonder Woman vidlet to "Holding Out for a Hero"! GO NOW. /eta

The subject came up on Twitter, and then [ profile] beccatoria posted her DCnU pull list, and, well, I'm trying to figure mine out. So here's what I'll probably be buying come September...

Babs is my Batgirl and always has been, plus I am interested to see what the actual story about her being out of the chair will be. I just hope she still has her PhD in Library Science... :P (No, really: I'm sorry to lose Oracle, for so many reasons, but. Babs as Batgirl again, in a non-pre-Crisis world. Yes please.)

Finally finally finally FINALLY FINALLY I GET KATE KANE BACK. AND Bette Kane. And Maggie Sawyer. I've only been waiting on this forever, no big deal. Plus J.H. Williams III and Amy Reeder art throughout the series. So gorgeous!

Okay, this is a mini and doesn't start till October but WHATEVER. HELENA. Paul Levitz wrote a lot of Helena Wayne's pre-Crisis Earth-2 adventures, which I loved and am currently re-reading (please let Power Girl show up, damn), and his intro to the Darknight Daughter trade that I have somewhere was really lovely. Plus it's tying in with BoP so yay!

Justice League Dark
Madame Xanadu and Zatanna! I'm pretty much sold just on that. The recent Madame Xanadu series (mainly drawn by Amy Reeder, which made me very happy about her work to come on Batwoman) set out some amazing backstory that I hope will remain consistent-ish. Plus, Zee! :D

The recent Advocate interview with Dan DiDio revealed that Voodoo is bisexual, which I did not know! I'd been considering the book before then, because it looks interesting, but that may have bumped it up to for-sure status. I am a little concerned about the emphasis on sexiness in the solicits, though.

Wonder Woman
I am kind of on the fence for WW? Chiang's art looks incredible and I've heard good things about Azzarello, the writer, but the current JMS/Hester run is just so wrong. Still, this new run seems to be going back to her mythology and the gods, which makes me optimistic, especially that they're including Eris (see also: Perez's and Jimenez's uses of the golden apples, squee).

I may beg, borrow, or download the following to check them out:
Firestorm - because of Gail Simone, and also mid-90s Firestorm was interesting, IIRC.
The Savage Hawkman - alien archaeology, plus Philip Tan art. Welllll... maybe.
Catwoman - did you know she's sexy? Sexy sexy Catwoman! Again, I may pick this up to see if it's actually good, or just all about The Sexy.
Birds of Prey - so unsure about this one. I mean, I love Gail's take on them so much and will miss that group, but this does sound interesting (they're covert ops - spies, guys, spies!), and Huntress will be tying in...
Blackhawks - but will Zinda be in it?
Men of War - solely because the solicit for issue #2 has Circe in it!
Demon Knights - this just looks interesting, dangit. (And not just for Etrigan/Madame Xanadu. Um.)

That's more than double what I currently buy (Secret Six and BoP, and I was reading WW but it's just SO WRONG that I've actually stopped), which is pretty impressive because I am a damn picky comics reader. I may have to go digital for a few of these - I mean, I've stopped buying books proper, and comics may be lighter but they're a bitch to pack. :/ Not for Batwoman, though - that I want in full JHW-artistic glory!

I will also pick anything up if and when Renee Montoya appears in it (the DiDio interview in the Advocate mentions the Question in the title but not in the article, which is... concerning), plus I'm sure that Alex and I will be trading a few things back and forth. I have a feeling it's going to be a very comics-y autumn.

Note: I know there are a few people who follow me for comics reasons whom I haven't followed back, and I'd like to up the comics portion of my reading lists before this autumn. If you can/are following me on Dreamwidth, drop me a coment there and I'll add you back right off. If you're on LJ... drop me a comment anyways and I may friend you, if you don't mind that you'll suddenly also be getting Way Too Much Information about my grad school experience. :P
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Why do I love Gail Simone? WELL, entirely aside from the fact that I laughed my ass off through half of her story in Wonder Woman #600 and then bawled my eyes out through the other half (reason #1 of the day!)...

Reason #2 I love Gail Simone:
Jeannette is definitely bisexual. Someday we’ll tell the story of her and Scandal in the gulag.
- source

Why does this make me happy? See: my Yuletide request; the Yuletide story I wrote; my Femslash10 request. Yessssssssssss. This is why it's good to have fangirls writing comics. *g*

Reason #3 I love Gail Simone:
Okay, I’ve told this story many times, but here goes. To me, it was no big revelation that Black Canary might be bisexual. I didn’t even think it was much in question. So I had a story where she faces Talia, I think (sorry, memory a little foggy here), and she was supposed to say, in a Dinah caption, something about how Talia’s wiles weren’t going to work on her like they were working on all the men around them, because she (Black Canary) was, “70% hetero.”
- source

...really, does this need actual exploration? Gail Simone: in ur comix, queerin ur wimmins. <3

Okay, Reason #4 I... you know the drill:
The interesting thing was that Devin Grayson, whom I adore and who I idolized somewhat, was writing Nightwing at the time. Devin is an out-and-proud bisexual, and heavily into role-playing. When she writes, she adapts, she kind of becomes the characters (she’s talked about this before, I’m not revealing secrets). And we were playing City of Heroes for a while, where she played a Nightwing character and I played Batgirl. She’s the kind who stays in character.
- source

There's a lot of talk lately about fanboys writing/playing Doctor Who, which, don't get me wrong, I think is really important with a character/show this iconic. But Gail's is one of the greatest stories of a fangirl becoming a creator. How amazing is it that the mind behind Women in Refrigerators has written for "Wonder Woman," created a gender-balanced anti-hero team in "Secret Six," and not only wrote the premiere Chicks Kicking Ass book "Birds of Prey" but got to bring it back after cancellation? I adore her no end and hope I can grown up to be half as awesome. Or to write half as awesome-ly.

I am going to end up getting a Tumblr just to follow Gail, aren't I. I am considering trying to interview her for my thesis... thank god it's easier to avoid fangirly flail via text mediums. (ONE DAY I will go back to Comic-Con and fangirl ALLL OVER her and Rucka and Jiminez again. That day is not this year, but it WILL come.)

Oh, and speaking of Wonder Woman, I strongly suspect I will be posting on Recent Developments, but I may do that as a way to restart my Real Name Blog.
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(click to embiggen)

Yes, you heard me right. Birds of Prey will restart in 2010 WITH Gail Simone AND Ed Benes.

There is not enough :DDDD in the world.

(Also, Simone says there is a chance of a Secret Six crossover. SQUEE.)

Plus, begin speculation on the two shaded-out characters. That is clearly not Batwoman in the air - the cape has too many points and Batwoman doesn't fly - but the fact that Helena is sitting on a car with what looks like a red bat logo intrigues me. Although it looks like the bat on the car has too FEW points to be the actual Batwoman logo, but that could just be me being overly anal, and also if it's NOT a Bat-mobile then the clever detail of having the tire treads look like bats, matching the bats on Batwoman's boots, will be sadly lost.

So who's got a cape like that and flies? And who's the dude in the back?

And how awesome is it to be getting Babs AND Dinah AND Helena AND Zinda back? VERY AWESOME.


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