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Mar. 2nd, 2012 06:57 pm
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Here is the thing, internets: I was super excited to see a call for papers go out that mentioned Sanctuary. Because, you know, yay, and also [personal profile] sophia_gratia and I feel strongly that Helen Magnus's legs (which I have claimed in the name of Canada, for the record) need to be a site of academic interrogation. (I have yet to hear back from that conference at Niagara Falls where I want to present my paper on similar themes, rrrgh.) Anyway, so I'm reading this CfP and going 'eeee Sanctuary academia eeee' and then. Then. I realize.

It calls Sanctuary American.

...I am torn between actually writing a mildly nasty letter, and sending an abstract in based on my half-formed idea about erasure of Canada in texts for non-Canadian audiences (see also: where the Canadian Shack Wank took my brain).

(I love my job. Have I mentioned I love my job? I love my job. I don't love the way my fingers are trying to claw themselves into unnatural shapes from typing so much, or how much my ass hurts from sitting. But I love my students and their awesome dissertations, and their uniform disdain in seminar for Janice Raymond, and all the crazy shit I keep getting asked to do even though I'm trying to carve out writing time, and the awesome networking options that keep popping up, and the work I'm doing, and almost all of the people I'm doing it with. I am so squeeful lately, I'm just waiting for the other shoe to drop, you know? :P )

Hi, interwebs. How are you today? :P

ps, I must NOT be allowed to watch the Sanctuary blooper reels in the AT room when other people are around, oh my god. Dead of trying to muffle my giggles. BUT AMANDA TAPPING'S FACE OKAY.
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I was out with a friend the other night and talking about how I have decided that 2012 is the year of awesome and happy and puppies with sunshine and all things, and he asked whether 2011 had been that bad. And, no, 2011 was pretty good, actually (though that doesn't mean 2012 can't be better!), except for the fact that I wish I had gotten more work done on my DPhil. Well, I was thinking about that this morning (because I have a meeting tomorrow with my supervisor to go over what I've done while he was gone - which is Not Enough), and while I didn't do a hell of a lot on that project, since August I have developed and/or started three different side/future projects: the Paul Gross one, the comics one, and the Sanctuary one. So I feel a little better about my productivity. :P

In other news: I am probably never learning to vid. And if I do, it won't be until after I finish my DPhil. And if I did learn, I wouldn't start with a vid for a pairing I don't really ship, in a fairly small fandom, to a piano ballad from the 70s that's in a language that most of the fandom probably doesn't speak. But, all that aside - is this not the perfect Helen Magnus/John Druitt song? (The English subs are fairly accurate, if a bit... shall we say clinical? But you get the idea.)

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I'm teaching on (junk) food tomorrow and, since we're talking about McDonanld's and the spread of Westernization/Americanization (things I am afraid to find out tomorrow: whether my students know when the Cold War ended), I thought I would see if there was anything in the Tim Hortons commercials that I could use to illustrate food branding and national identity or something. I have come out of my YouTubeing experiences with two realizations.

One: it's probably great anecdotal evidence, but I should not play in class anything that makes me actually tear up (not just the above video, but also this one and this one made me sniffly - I blame the fact that I'm coming down with a cold).

Two: there is totally an article in tracing the conception of Canadian culture over the years through Tim's commercials. I am particularly intrigued by the gender balance in the most recent ones, the positioning of immigrants, and the metatextual building of identity through referencing of existing stereotypes. This must have been done already, right?

Or do I just have fuzzy-brain from being sick? So tired, ugh.

(Ironically, the last time I was actually in a Tim Hortons was in America, while the last Tim's donut I ate was from London.)
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I has a sniffle, and also a headache, so I am taking the chance to dump out a handful of topics that have been in my head.

Porn studies and fandom/audience studies intersecting, but not in the way you think. )


I got Batwoman #0! and I have thoughts. )


People - like, random people on the street and on buses - keep giving me advice on how to deal with the cold. I'm not quite sure why. Do I look particularly incapable of coping with the weather? Because, um, I'm pretty sure I can handle -2, you know. Still, I've realized that much as I complain, I really love the cold - it makes me feel so much more festive than I have been! I've been singing carols and bouncing around and generally loving life. Seasons! They are important to me!

It doesn't need to stay this cold, though. I've gotten with the swing of the season now. It can warm up. (It's meant to by Saturday. I'm okay with that. Tomorrow's to-do list: buy moar sweaters. *g*)


Today's accomplishment: season 7 of 24 DOWN. I am determined to get through season 8 - and thus to THE END OF IT ALL - before I land back on Canadian soil. If this means I have to watch the last few episodes on the plane home, that's what I'll do, dammit.


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