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OMG, now that I've seen the episode I want somebody to write me my badwrong Wicked/Glee femslash RPS OTP even more than ever. *stamps feet* I might have to write it myself just to exorcise it, if no one does it for me... *g*

Glee 1x04 and 1x05 )

So, I watched the first two eps of Eastwick, and I am so inappropriately attracted to Paul Gross as Darryl van Horne that it's actually distracting. Especially when he's all rained on and soaking wet in his nice suit. Hi. Also, Rebecca Romjin! It's a good thing there are pretty people on it, because there are not a lot of other things that would keep me watching this (which must be the least feminist pseudo-feminist-y show on television AND THAT IS SAYING A LOT OKAY), and yet here I am.

Eastwick 1x01 and 1x02 )
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OK, Glee does the best guest stars.

1x02 and 1x03 )

In short: Loving. It.
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I have about eighty different things to post about, and the posts are coming, but first: guyyyyyyys. All the promo spots finally got to me and I downloaded the pilot of Glee and

Who is watching this show? And if you're not, why not? It's amazing. It stars a Canadian. AND Kristen Chenoweth is going to be on it.

There is singing! There is dancing! There is good acting! I love almost all the characters already! Season starts 9 September! Talk to me. :)


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