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Never Tried Wondering (1600 words) by kathryne
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Last Tango In Halifax
Relationships: Caroline Elliot/Gillian Greenwood
Characters: Caroline Elliot, Gillian Greenwood, Alan Buttershaw, Celia Dawson
Additional Tags: Post-Canon
Summary: A posh pub, a family meal, and Gillian on edge, worrying about the future.

This was meant to be a little ficlet for a tumblr prompt ('Caroline/Gillian, a stolen kiss'), but it got a tiny bit out of hand.
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Another in the series of Last Tango in Halifax ficlets.

For Roses Too - Gillian Greenwood, Eddie Greenwood, Raff Greenwood; rated T, 1000 words. NOTE: this fic is spoilery for 2.05, and so are the warnings. Warnings and triggers are thus listed in the notes at the beginning of the fic. Gillian, pre-series, coming to a breaking point.
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I've been noodling with little bits of backstory and character studies for Last Tango in Halifax and, since a couple are done, thought I would start sharing them! These are not thematically connected; they're just attempts to get character voice and backstory and so on into my head. But I like them. :)

Make Do and Mend - Gillian Greenwood & Alan Buttershaw; rated G, no archive warnings, 1000 words. Set very early in s1; no major spoilers. An exploration of Gillian's worries about her relationship with her father and the threads that bind them together. Many thanks to [personal profile] hobbitbabe for patiently answering many questions about knitting.

The Journey Home - Caroline Elliot; rated G, no archive warnings, 500 words. Set immediately after the s3 finale; very spoilery. Caroline and the drive home, looking towards the past and the future.

I think my fandoms are getting tinier and tinier. But then, I've cunningly been increasing the size of my last, well, several... :P


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