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[personal profile] zulu asked me to suggest comics with interesting art that would be suitable for junior high-age students, and though it wasn't technically part of my December meme thing (request more topics!), I thought I'd share. :P

A lot of the stuff I find most interesting currently is creator-owned work that I'm not sure would be age-appropriate, but I did come up with two comics that I think would be really interesting in terms of pushing the comics art envelope.

The first is Batwoman - but please note that I cannot countenance recommending anything in the current DC universe, so I specifically mean the pre-reboot Batwoman by Greg Rucka and J.H. Williams III, collected in Batwoman: Elegy.

J.H.'s art is... magical. What I love most about his work on Batwoman, though, is his incredibly creative work with panels and page layouts. A lot of traditional comics thinking relies on a certain number of panels and/or flow, but J.H. subverts that and creates incredibly intricate, organic, beautiful full pages, double pages, and panels. For example:
Batman and Batwoman – speech not needed to convey the tension or the progression
Batwoman in a fight – this is post-reboot, but such a great example of not needing defined panels to move the action
Batwoman drugged – even in pencils and not coloured, the confusion of the drugging comes through
Batwoman and Alice - parallels! panel structure! gorgeousness!
J.H. also switches between art styles and creates new panel styles for each of them. Highly recommended, and not just for Zulu's class. :P

The other comic that sprang to mind was the current run of Hawkeye, by Matt Fraction and David Aja – particularly issue #11, which is told entirely from the POV of Hawkeye's dog. I'm actually way behind on this comic, but I know that the issue also retells events from a previous issue, only from different angles and without the use of human speech. The way that the narrative progresses mostly without speech bubbles and the ability to see the same events told by the same writer and artist from two very different perspectives might be quite neat.
Pizza Dog perspective | Two
Pizza Dog solves murders

(Actually his name is Lucky, not Pizza Dog)

Those are my thoughts – if anyone else wants to chime in for the edification of Zulu's classes, I'm sure your thoughts would also be welcome. :P
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Meme time again! (Even just a couple of days in, I am really enjoying this meme: my flist is so busy again! And journalling/commenting/writing has been so bound up with anxiety lately that it is nice to have clear-cut reasons to interact with people without feeling like a numpty. YAY. So I still have some slots free if anyone is interested. I'm also trying to comment on everyone who has asked for topics, so if I've missed you, please point me back to it?)

[personal profile] bell asked me to talk about The Good Wife s5. EXCELLENT TIMING. Spoilers behind the cut, but the one thing I will say first is: I'm so annoyed that they gave up on the episode naming conventions! All the s1 episodes had single-word names, the s2 eps had two-word names, and so on through s4, but s5 has weirdly gone back to three-word names. *fistshake* Breaking tradition!

first, the dislikes... )

and the LIKES... )
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December topics! More open spaces here.

Right, so [personal profile] chaila asked me to talk about times when Diana showed up in a book other than Wonder Woman and I liked how she was written. This is actually quite difficult for me – I don't tend to read a lot of the team books that Diana has been part of (ie Justice League) because I generally don't care about enough of the other heroes. *g* When she does show up in other books, I also rarely like how she's portrayed! So the confluence of events doesn't happen very often. Ahem. However, I have come up with a few examples – and I didn't even cheat by including JLA: League of One, which technically would totally count as it's a Justice League book. :D?


You should, of course, assume spoilers for all the listed books. I did these in the order I thought of them, so there is no preference suggested.

Action Comics 761 )

JLA 47-49 )

Secret Six 10-14 )

More spaces, if you want to make me talk about stuff! Click on the link up there.
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Copied from half the interwebs:

Topic open house for December (which will actually get me to post more).

Pick a date below and give me a topic, and I'll ramble on. I'm good at talking. It can be anything you want; personal, fannish, work-related, political, favourite memories, travel, whatever.

I reserve the right to hand-wave at prompts that I don't feel equipped to meet. I will try to come up with topics for days no one else chooses.

December 01 - skipped!
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December 15 - If I were to create a comic, what would it be about? What would be the most important elements? ([personal profile] carawj)
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December 17 - Top 5 childhood memories ([personal profile] cosmic_llin)
December 18 - Three-to-five-ish underrated comics creators/arcs/characters that I love ([personal profile] shinyjenni)
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December 22 - [may not have internet access]
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December 28 - seasonal food associations ([personal profile] sohotrightnow)
December 29 - Edmonton ([personal profile] bell)
December 30 - Birthdays ([personal profile] anonymous_sibyl)
December 31 -


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