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December topics! More open spaces here.

Right, so [personal profile] chaila asked me to talk about times when Diana showed up in a book other than Wonder Woman and I liked how she was written. This is actually quite difficult for me – I don't tend to read a lot of the team books that Diana has been part of (ie Justice League) because I generally don't care about enough of the other heroes. *g* When she does show up in other books, I also rarely like how she's portrayed! So the confluence of events doesn't happen very often. Ahem. However, I have come up with a few examples – and I didn't even cheat by including JLA: League of One, which technically would totally count as it's a Justice League book. :D?


You should, of course, assume spoilers for all the listed books. I did these in the order I thought of them, so there is no preference suggested.

Action Comics 761 )

JLA 47-49 )

Secret Six 10-14 )

More spaces, if you want to make me talk about stuff! Click on the link up there.
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So after much dithering and missing out on cheap con and plane tickets, I finally decided to go to GeekGirlCon this year after all. *excitedface* (If you're going to be there, let me know!) It's pretty much a flying visit, which sadly means I won't have much time to hang with [personal profile] dafna, but I am very pleased that the day after I bought the plane tickets, the con announced that their kickoff event would be Bechdel Test Burlesque. Way to combine two of my favourite things. :P

I am trying to make a decision, though. I have this gorgeous original poster of the wraparound cover for Wonder Woman #1 from 1987, which [ profile] frabjousdave gave me a few years ago. I was lucky enough to get it signed in London by George Perez, who was the writer and artist on the book for several years from that point. What I'm trying to decide is if I want to get it signed by other creators who've worked on the character since. On the one hand, it's Perez art for a Perez-written book and I don't know if other creators would feel odd about signing it. On the other hand, I've been, again, lucky to meet and have meaningful conversations with a lot of creators who have shaped the character, and it would be interesting to have their signatures all on one work. HMM. Maybe I will ask them in advance.

It also occurred to me that I could get Greg Rucka to sign the posters Alex had made for me from panels of Rucka's comics. That would be cool.

I feel weird about going to this con not having done a huge amount of work and analysis on the comics of the creators who are guests. But I guess there's still time.
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August was supposed to be my post-thesis media catch-up month, and by 'media' I mostly mean 'comics,' because I just did not have the time or the money to keep up with multiple different extended narratives a month over the summer. And I did catch up on Wonder Woman because Alex sat me down and said READ THEM ALL NOW, and I finally got past the rapey Amazons because he wouldn't let me stop reading, and I got to the end of the arc and went, okay, I still feel personally betrayed by huge amounts of the narrative but the art is gorgeous and the world is fascinating and the gods are the best interpretations since Rucka. And then the Supes/Wondy news broke and I was pretty much ready to give up again.

I have the first, what, ten? eleven? issues of Batwoman sitting on my dresser, up to the start of the new arc with Wonder Woman, and I want to read and re-read them, I really do, because J.H. Williams III drawing Diana, oh my god I want to read them, but I am just so beaten down by comics right now. I don't even want to touch issue #0 because I know there is going to be no Renee ("because they can't exploit her," Rucka says, which is kind of a perfect illustration of why I love him), and, augh.

But. But. This Wednesday, Sword and Sorcery #0 comes out. With Amethyst. Amethyst teenage magical warrior princess of my tiny late-80s back-issue-diving baby comics fan heart. Written by "creator of Jem and the Holograms" Christy Marx. Drawn by "can you make your ladies any more badassadorable" Aaron Lopresti. And I want so badly for it to be good. And I want it to do well. And I want DC to keep making room for different superhero(ine) narratives.

But I just don't trust DC not to keep making me sad. :/

(My relationship with comics is in so many ways the perfect illustration of the definition of insanity. I keep doing the same things over and over again and expecting a different result. And sometimes I get it! Rucka's Batwoman, Secret Six, Captain Marvel so far - all good! Of course, two of those were cancelled and/or reworked, and one is a Marvel property. But I keepthinking there's hope, and then it gets dashed, and then something else comes along, and then it is secretly awful, and and and. Sigh.)
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Tell me you want to play and I'll pick up to three of your fandoms. Then update your journal and answer the following questions:

[personal profile] such_heights gave me Sanctuary, DCU, and Stargate.


What got you into this fandom in the first place?
Tumblr gifspams of Amanda Tapping kissing girls. No, shut up, really. Because [personal profile] sophia_gratia had been pushing it on me for a while, and I tried to watch the pilot and found it really boring, so I gave up. And then last November my Tumblr dash exploded with "Helen makes out with another woman in canon omg!!1!" posts, and I thought, hm, maybe I should watch this episode. So I did, and not only was there ladykissing, there was genre smartness and interesting gender politics and a badass heroine, and there we go.

Do you think you'll stay in this fandom or eventually move on?
I am a total fandom butterfly and there is a possibility that the series won't be renewed for a fifth season, so while there are a lot of stories I'd like to tell I can't imagine I'll always be as invested in the fandom as I am currently. I can't see myself getting to a point where I don't like it any longer (unless I write too much on it academically), though.

Favorite episodes/books/movies, etc?
Ack! Well, the first one I watched, obviously, "Monsoon." Also "Haunted," (because John!), "The Five" (because Nikola!), "Pax Romana" (because Ranna!), "Fugue" (because singing!), and, last but not at all least, "Out of the Blue" (because AU Crazy McPaintsALot Cat Lady Magnus OH MY GOD!).

Do you participate in this fandom (fanfiction, graphics, discussions)?
Just a wee bit. :P I am particularly looking forward to participating in Sanctuary Bingo starting on Sunday!

Do you think more people should get into this fandom?
YES. I would particularly like some more vidders (yes I'm looking at you, you know who you are *cough*). Also, I just think more people should watch shows where the lady rescues herself. Plus it's quite smart about its genre-ness and self-aware and meta; it's not perfect, but if you can get past the dodgy CGI in places it's better than it seems.



What got you into this fandom in the first place?
Hahahahaha. I don't know if I can answer that. You know, in the Serenity tie-in graphic novel, Nathan Fillion writes about going down to Whyte Avenue and poking through the longboxes in the Wee Book Inn and that's how he started reading comics, and... yeah. I don't actually remember when I started doing that. Age seven, eight, nine? The first DC Comic I remember buying new off the shelf was Wonder Woman vol.2 #72, when I was nine, but I'd been reading back-issues for a while before then.

Do you think you'll stay in this fandom or eventually move on?
Comics are my forever fandom. It's true! I mean, seriously, they've been part of my life for a good twenty years now. I read stuff that's not DCU, sometimes, but I can't be arsed to catch up on the X-Men stuff now and the DCU, even the crazy post-52 DCnU, is where my heart is. (Even if I am a bit broken by Wonder Woman. Thank god I still have Batwoman and Batgirl right now.)

Favorite episodes/books/movies, etc?
I am just going to talk about favourite runs, because otherwise we could have a problem. Ask if you want more detail.
Wonder Woman - the Perez run, at least through issue 30 or so, still defines the character for me; Rucka's run is just goddamn amazing; Simone's run does some delightfully subversive things.
Gotham Central - possibly my favourite thing in comics in the last... fifteen years? Because RENEE.
Batwoman - my second-favourite thing? Because KATE, and a canonically queer woman wearing the bat-symbol!
Secret Six - because they are SO WRONG it's amazing.
Teen Titans - totally oldschool, but Wolfman's run back in the 80s on TT and NTT still define Starfire and Raven for me.

Do you participate in this fandom (fanfiction, graphics, discussions)?
Off and on. I do a bit more on tumblr and on twitter and in person. I write fic sometimes, when the need (or the ficathon) strikes. I hang out with the occasional author and write academic papers. You know, like usual.

Do you think more people should get into this fandom?
This is hard for me to answer, because the DCU is so vast and so many people might like only one aspect of it. I think more people should read Gotham Central and Batwoman, because they are amazing stories and beautifully written. I think everyone should read Secret Six, because it is so twisted. I hesitate to recommend Wonder Woman to anyone right now, because it's wonderfully written and gorgeously illustrated and doing horrible horrible things that hurt me deeply. But I do think that comics as a medium are underappreciated and more people should give them a try, and that there is likely to be something in the new DCU for almost anyone if they can find it.



What got you into this fandom in the first place?
Um. I ran out of Amanda Tapping in Sanctuary and [personal profile] sophia_gratia told me how awesome Sam Carter was. What, I'm totally shallow, I can't help it. I like to say that I'm not really a fan of Stargate so much as Stargate is my Amanda Tapping delivery vehicle.

Do you think you'll stay in this fandom or eventually move on?
Well, there's a lot of Stargates still to watch, so I'm definitely around for a while. And all the Stargates have some Sam Carter, so I'll stick them out. How fannish I stay about it will probably depend on how many stories I see that exist offscreen, because let's be fair: it's a pretty bad show and I'm really just watching it so I can have deep thoughts about Sam. Well, and because I think there's a paper or two in there somewhere.

Favorite episodes/books/movies, etc?
I am only on the early part of the third season of SG-1, so I am relatively early on, but: "Hathor" (because it's hilariously awful and Janet says 'libidinous' and the ladies save the day), "A Matter of Time" (because Sam! being sciencey!), "Singularity" (because Cassie! and Sam having emotions!). I have not yet watched any of the episodes that feature multiple alternate-timeline Sams, but I foresee them being high on my list also, because of reasons.

Do you participate in this fandom (fanfiction, graphics, discussions)?
I write some fic. I hope to write more fic. I spend a lot of time reblogging pictures and having a lot of feelings in email. :P

Do you think more people should get into this fandom?
Again, tough one! It would be nice if more people were a little more active in it, but it is a rather old fandom. I might settle for getting pointers to all the hidden early-2000s fic archives that must be out there... ;)
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eta: hoshit! I can't believe I forgot to link to this! You MUST go watch [ profile] beccatoria's fantastic Wonder Woman vidlet to "Holding Out for a Hero"! GO NOW. /eta

The subject came up on Twitter, and then [ profile] beccatoria posted her DCnU pull list, and, well, I'm trying to figure mine out. So here's what I'll probably be buying come September...

Babs is my Batgirl and always has been, plus I am interested to see what the actual story about her being out of the chair will be. I just hope she still has her PhD in Library Science... :P (No, really: I'm sorry to lose Oracle, for so many reasons, but. Babs as Batgirl again, in a non-pre-Crisis world. Yes please.)

Finally finally finally FINALLY FINALLY I GET KATE KANE BACK. AND Bette Kane. And Maggie Sawyer. I've only been waiting on this forever, no big deal. Plus J.H. Williams III and Amy Reeder art throughout the series. So gorgeous!

Okay, this is a mini and doesn't start till October but WHATEVER. HELENA. Paul Levitz wrote a lot of Helena Wayne's pre-Crisis Earth-2 adventures, which I loved and am currently re-reading (please let Power Girl show up, damn), and his intro to the Darknight Daughter trade that I have somewhere was really lovely. Plus it's tying in with BoP so yay!

Justice League Dark
Madame Xanadu and Zatanna! I'm pretty much sold just on that. The recent Madame Xanadu series (mainly drawn by Amy Reeder, which made me very happy about her work to come on Batwoman) set out some amazing backstory that I hope will remain consistent-ish. Plus, Zee! :D

The recent Advocate interview with Dan DiDio revealed that Voodoo is bisexual, which I did not know! I'd been considering the book before then, because it looks interesting, but that may have bumped it up to for-sure status. I am a little concerned about the emphasis on sexiness in the solicits, though.

Wonder Woman
I am kind of on the fence for WW? Chiang's art looks incredible and I've heard good things about Azzarello, the writer, but the current JMS/Hester run is just so wrong. Still, this new run seems to be going back to her mythology and the gods, which makes me optimistic, especially that they're including Eris (see also: Perez's and Jimenez's uses of the golden apples, squee).

I may beg, borrow, or download the following to check them out:
Firestorm - because of Gail Simone, and also mid-90s Firestorm was interesting, IIRC.
The Savage Hawkman - alien archaeology, plus Philip Tan art. Welllll... maybe.
Catwoman - did you know she's sexy? Sexy sexy Catwoman! Again, I may pick this up to see if it's actually good, or just all about The Sexy.
Birds of Prey - so unsure about this one. I mean, I love Gail's take on them so much and will miss that group, but this does sound interesting (they're covert ops - spies, guys, spies!), and Huntress will be tying in...
Blackhawks - but will Zinda be in it?
Men of War - solely because the solicit for issue #2 has Circe in it!
Demon Knights - this just looks interesting, dangit. (And not just for Etrigan/Madame Xanadu. Um.)

That's more than double what I currently buy (Secret Six and BoP, and I was reading WW but it's just SO WRONG that I've actually stopped), which is pretty impressive because I am a damn picky comics reader. I may have to go digital for a few of these - I mean, I've stopped buying books proper, and comics may be lighter but they're a bitch to pack. :/ Not for Batwoman, though - that I want in full JHW-artistic glory!

I will also pick anything up if and when Renee Montoya appears in it (the DiDio interview in the Advocate mentions the Question in the title but not in the article, which is... concerning), plus I'm sure that Alex and I will be trading a few things back and forth. I have a feeling it's going to be a very comics-y autumn.

Note: I know there are a few people who follow me for comics reasons whom I haven't followed back, and I'd like to up the comics portion of my reading lists before this autumn. If you can/are following me on Dreamwidth, drop me a coment there and I'll add you back right off. If you're on LJ... drop me a comment anyways and I may friend you, if you don't mind that you'll suddenly also be getting Way Too Much Information about my grad school experience. :P
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Guys what is UP with Batwoman continually getting delayed. I AM NOT OKAY WITH THIS.

Yeah, Diana. I need a bear hug today too.

(It is all comics, all the time in my brain lately. I blame Tumblr.)
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Don't really want to interview four prospective roomies plus deal with marking tomorrow BUT I am not dwelling on it. Really. Here are things that are awesome instead.

Last night's The Good Wife )

I wish I had brain enough to analyze this episode, but basically all I have is IS IT NEXT WEEK YET?

In different, equally-if-not-more awesome news, pictures and details of MAC's Wonder Woman makeup collection. I want it all. I even want the damn coloured mascara because one of the shades is named Themyscira. There is a lipglass named Athena's Kiss (!!!!) and an eyeshadow called Spinning Transformation. Guys. I NEED THESE. I, okay, I have complicated feelings about WW being used to sell makeup, but mostly they are buried under the OMG WANT.
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I am still trying to finish my year-in-review post, omg epic fail. Is it still worth posting, or should I just get started on next year's? ;)


Today, among other things, [personal profile] jae and I had an erotic roll, complete with ecstacy sauce. None of that is a euphemism. I believe [personal profile] jae has pictures.


I'm not generally an audiobook person, but I think I might make an exception for this version of Rebecca read by none other than Alex Kingston. And for only a tenner! Well, okay.


I have been working my way through the 1970s-era Wonder Woman (for work! no, really.), specifically the period where she's been de-powered and made to put on a rather ridiculous costume that does at least come with pants... I'm having a bit of deja vu with the current storylines, shall we say. The 70s version is getting a little tiresome, too. However, I do like the classic Dick Giordano look better than the artist on the current book who can't decide whether Diana is a C-cup or an F-cup from panel to panel.


Speaking of the dissertation o'doom, I have entered the phase where I turn to self-bribery to push through. First bribe: once I finish this chapter I am allowing myself to register for [ profile] vidukon! I will probably feel a little silly being a non-vidder at a vidding con, but [ profile] cosmic_llin and [ profile] carawj are going, plus I hope to carve out time for some serious River Song geekery with [ profile] beccatoria... yes? :D


I finally got to the Art Gallery of Alberta yesterday with my mom, and we had a great time. The main exhibit was Edward Burtynsky - Oil, which was really fascinating - especially as, for those of you who don't know, Alberta has huge oil reserves in the north of the province, the extraction etc of which are the source of much political and economical discussion. It was definitely a thought-provoking exhibit, and do click through and take a look at the gallery on the site - just remember we were seeing the photographs on canvases of several feet tall. We also had a nice lunch and a lovely conversation. I refuse, in self-defense, to talk about myself while my stepfather is in the room, so it was good to have a chance to talk to her while we were alone. ("We should do this more often!" she said afterwards. "We actually get along!")


In separate conversations with [personal profile] jae today, we talked about a) her new Kindle and b) my struggles not to buy physical copies of stuff that I can buy digitally, given that I don't know where/how often I'll be moving in the next few years. It wasn't until well after I left that I put together my complete inability to not buy books with the portability of an ebook reader. No, really, I have been so resistant to the concept (because it's not a book) that it took this long for me to figure out how it could actually be useful. Now I want a Kindle, dangit, but of course there's no way one will ship to me before I leave, and they're way more expensive in the UK. I may see if Chapters has any Kobos in store, just to take a look at, but the Kindle reads a lot more file formats, plus I would want to be able to read journal articles on it. I knew I would give in sometime, but this is a particularly inconvenient sometime!


OK bedtime.
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Why do I love Gail Simone? WELL, entirely aside from the fact that I laughed my ass off through half of her story in Wonder Woman #600 and then bawled my eyes out through the other half (reason #1 of the day!)...

Reason #2 I love Gail Simone:
Jeannette is definitely bisexual. Someday we’ll tell the story of her and Scandal in the gulag.
- source

Why does this make me happy? See: my Yuletide request; the Yuletide story I wrote; my Femslash10 request. Yessssssssssss. This is why it's good to have fangirls writing comics. *g*

Reason #3 I love Gail Simone:
Okay, I’ve told this story many times, but here goes. To me, it was no big revelation that Black Canary might be bisexual. I didn’t even think it was much in question. So I had a story where she faces Talia, I think (sorry, memory a little foggy here), and she was supposed to say, in a Dinah caption, something about how Talia’s wiles weren’t going to work on her like they were working on all the men around them, because she (Black Canary) was, “70% hetero.”
- source

...really, does this need actual exploration? Gail Simone: in ur comix, queerin ur wimmins. <3

Okay, Reason #4 I... you know the drill:
The interesting thing was that Devin Grayson, whom I adore and who I idolized somewhat, was writing Nightwing at the time. Devin is an out-and-proud bisexual, and heavily into role-playing. When she writes, she adapts, she kind of becomes the characters (she’s talked about this before, I’m not revealing secrets). And we were playing City of Heroes for a while, where she played a Nightwing character and I played Batgirl. She’s the kind who stays in character.
- source

There's a lot of talk lately about fanboys writing/playing Doctor Who, which, don't get me wrong, I think is really important with a character/show this iconic. But Gail's is one of the greatest stories of a fangirl becoming a creator. How amazing is it that the mind behind Women in Refrigerators has written for "Wonder Woman," created a gender-balanced anti-hero team in "Secret Six," and not only wrote the premiere Chicks Kicking Ass book "Birds of Prey" but got to bring it back after cancellation? I adore her no end and hope I can grown up to be half as awesome. Or to write half as awesome-ly.

I am going to end up getting a Tumblr just to follow Gail, aren't I. I am considering trying to interview her for my thesis... thank god it's easier to avoid fangirly flail via text mediums. (ONE DAY I will go back to Comic-Con and fangirl ALLL OVER her and Rucka and Jiminez again. That day is not this year, but it WILL come.)

Oh, and speaking of Wonder Woman, I strongly suspect I will be posting on Recent Developments, but I may do that as a way to restart my Real Name Blog.
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August solicit for Secret Six OMGWTFFLAIL:

Written by Gail Simone
Art by Nicola Scott & Doug Hazlewood
Cover by Daniel Lu Visi
A crisis of conscience splits the Secret Six right down the middle and puts them on opposite sides of a horrific war involving Amazons led by a deluded Artemis! But that's just the opening bout for the main event: Jeannette vs. Wonder Woman!
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Watching the wonder woman movie a couple of days ago made the tiny five-year-old fangirl inside me wake up and take notice, so I've been re-reading - in my spare time - the Wonder Woman comics from the beginning of volume 2. Oh, the Perez run! It set the standard for all the fabulousness to come - so dark! so mythological! so political!

So gay!

Man, it never ceases to amaze me both that Perez got away with the level of queerness he put into these comics and that I never picked up on it as a child. I mean, fine, there's nothing tremendously overt about it, but that's maybe what's most amazing. It's just there - the Amazon oracle, waking up in the middle of the night with a premonition, in bed with her female lover, who calls her "my beloved." One of the Bana-Mighdall Amazons demands to be allowed to have vengeance for the death of her female consort (granted, these are the same Amazons who have breeding pens full of male slaves, but WHATEVS). Or my personal favourite, when the Amazons allow humans on their island for the first time and someone asks whether they miss men, and Mnemosyne replies that some devote themselves to their faith, "others choose the way of Narcissus, but most of us find satisfaction in each other."

That may in fact be my favourite euphemism for masturbation ever. What, I like Classics jokes.

The fact is, I notice these things on re-reads, but I don't remember noticing them at all, which kind of both amuses and perplexes me. And granted, most of these characters die, or fade away and are replaced as new writers bring on their own supporting casts, and it's a loooong time before we get this level of awesome queerness again. But it makes me happy that it's there.

I miss the Amazons - hopefully whatever is going on with them will be resolved soonish, because boy would I love to see what Gail Simone could do with them long-term...
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Apparently Joss et al are in negotiations with Indian actress Priyanka Chopra for the Wonder Woman film (oddly enough, that link has spoilers for a Vala storyline in SG-1, if anyone cares). I am... unimpressed by her appearance - she looks kind of like an Indian Salma Hayek - but haven't seen anything she's done. Has anyone else?

Innnteresting. I'm so glad they're looking ethnic, though, as opposed to some of the names that have been bandied about. *g*


Mar. 8th, 2006 04:01 pm
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So, I'm not completely following the whole Infinite Crisis and One Year Later arcs in DC comics right now, but OMG Wonder Woman. *weeps* My poor Diana has really gotten the short end of the stick in the last couple of major DC events - first Queen Hippolyta dies, and now this!

Given that once again DC is relaunching WW (why, why do they do this to us?), I thought I should share some of the fantastic bits from the last couple of years of issues. And by fantastic bits, I largely mean gay, but also sometimes really, really touching.

First, there is no way this is going behind a cut. I don't have the scan any more, but this is at least the second time this particular epithet has popped up in WW:

Obviously it's an update of the ever-popular Silver Age "Suffering Sappho!" Which leads me to wonder what the Sapphic epithet in volume 3 will be.

Speaking of…

A scans_daily post that includes many many images and gives a lovely intro to Diana's everybody's favourite Amazon blacksmith, Io. (Spoilers from pre-Infinite Crisis events.)

And another s_d post, in which we follow up with Io - and all the other Amazons. Definite Crisis spoilers here, and oh this is so sad!

Seriously, at the end of volume 1 and Crisis on Infinite Earth, at least Diana got to marry Steve Trevor and live happily forever after in Olympus. This is just way too painful, although it does set up a potential new and exciting direction for Diana. But but but! *weeps*

And last but not least, just because. Superman and Diana discuss death (single image).


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