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Okay, honestly: could the NYT have used the word "Canadian" as a qualifier any more in this article on Paul Gross's run on Broadway? (I am SO SAD I can't go to see that. SO GODDAMN SAD.) I just think - are there any other Canadian stars whose nationality is so constantly emphasized in their publicity? He is a Canadian star who makes Canadian movies and was in Canadian tv shows and travels with his Canadian wife! I wish I could have appended this to my postdoc application.

As an aside, I recetly had the opportunity to tell a couple of my British friends the truth about Kiefer Sutherland - that Jack Bauer is actually played by a Canadian left-winger - and it turns out that it is really goddamn hilarious to watch someone's face when they learn that fact. :P

In my copious spare time (ha), I have been watching moar Sanctuary. It is a fantastic brain-break (and I finally find myself back to thinking about my thesis in unguarded moments, rather than whne Iforce myself to, which tells me that the non-spy-tv watching has been really good for me), but mostly I find myself more and more impressed by Helen Magnus as a character. I mean, how many other shows - sci-fi or not - are helmed by a forty-something actress? Whose character is allowed to be both an object of desire and actively sexual herself without narrative condemnation? She is a mother, she is bisexual, she is feminine, she is good with a gun, she flies choppers, she is a scientist and a medical doctor... I am totally impressed. She does the rescuing of the guys in the story! I love it. I suppose maybe her flaw might be that she is too good to be true. I'm sure she does have some issues - poor judgement in a few cases - but mostly she is just incredibly badass. I am okay with her being nigh-flawless - it makes a change from some of the other gender stereotypes we get too much of.

Also, she wears a lot of really fabulous power suits and clingy dresses and heels. And yet manages to kick immense amounts of ass while doing so, AND her outfits generally display wear and tear in ways that are perfectly realistic rather than simply designed to expose strategic amounts of skin. Best of both worlds! :D

I only wish there was more good fic. Or that I had time to write some myself (or that [ profile] sophia_gratia had time to write some for me *g*).

It is also so much fun to have a Canadian show to watch again! I missed playing spot-the-actor and spot-the-accent! Yay for things that film in Canada, seriously. They make me happy. :D


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