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Okay, I know I said last term that I didn't want to watch any more comedies ever again dear god but okay, now that I'm teaching British cinema I've really gone to the other extreme.

(British cinema is really depressing. So far. A fascinating history lesson for me! But, man, documentary realism/the social problem film/the British new wave? NONE of them are exactly light and fluffy...)
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I can't remember whether I posted here about the visiting lectureship I had last term at the other uni in town and the attendant bureaucratic fuckery: among other things, it took them forever to process my contract, which meant that I didn't have a computer login, didn't have a uni email address to give my students, and, oh, yes, wasn't getting paid. They sorted out the computer issues after about two months, but it wasn't till I got back from Canada that I received my contract (!!!) and my first paycheque. I got a second paycheque at the end of January, but I'm still missing about £400, so I need to see if they deposited that without telling me or what. Argh. But just to complicate things further, they've taken a significant chunk of money for a pension plan, so now I have to go track that down.

I'm still grading essays for them and I cannot.fucking.wait till I can dissociate myself completely. There may be a party. (By 'a party' I mean 'beer'.)


Speaking of teaching, or teaching without speaking, or some other clever segue: since I lost my voice on December 14, it has yet to return completely. I'm fine in general, but teaching for more than an hour and/or trying to talk to someone after I've been quiet for more than a few minutes can still be touch and go. And of course, singing in the shower is just right out. Doubly unfortunate.


Speaking of teaching, a friend in the department gave me what is proving to be the BEST. IDEA. EVER. about how to handle one of my least favourite elements of assessment, namely graded classroom presentations. We have a specific form that we have to fill out for such assessments (and I hate it), and I find it very difficult personally to fit my feedback to the criteria set out within it. When I remember to take the sheet itself rather than making notes and then trying to fit them to the framework, it goes better, but still involves a lot of computer fiddlyness. But now that I have an ipad, I have turned the form into a pdf and can write it up during the presentation, email it to myself, and then email it directly to the students once I've logged the grade.

I realize this is the dullest thing ever to anyone who is not basically one of the two of us who have ipads and do this sort of assessment form. But at this point, ANYTHING that makes grading easier...!

Relatedly, the ipad and comics! Seriously great. I am torn, because while I don't want to stop buying from my local comics shops (I walked into my current one yesterday and was immediately surrounded by teenage girls, which made me very happy to see that demographic so prevalent), the convenience and the whole NOT HAVING TO STORE FLOPPIES.

Also relatedly, for those of you not on twitter/tumblr, my amazeballs Warehouse 13 Bering and Wells ipad cover. I feel pleasantly subversive carrying that into class to do work on. #sekrit fangirl moments


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