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The Sanctuary s4 DVDs came out here this week and I picked them up on the way to campus this morning. I am alternating thesis edits with listening to the audio commentaries. (This is working better than you might think. Primarily, perhaps, because watching the gag reel this morning put me into such a good mood. These people are such dorks and I love them for it. Plus, Canadian accents! <3) The good news is that I am back in fullblown love with the show; the bad news is that I am also in fullblown mourning. Show. :(

I am indulging myself with regular doses of giggly ATapps because I am editing my section on 24. OH MY GOD but I hate that show. AUGH. I just re-read the section for the first time since I wrote it and thankfully I think it's fairly solid, which means hopefully I won't have to do a lot of editing, but wow it's snarky. I don't know if it comes through too clearly to people who don't know me, though, so hopefully I won't get dinged on it; I don't really remember writing it, but reading it is kind of cathartic.

I do think I may have to remove the phrase 'manly tears,' however. :(


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