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So I was meant to be in London yesterday evening to have dinner with [ profile] livii, and then I got a text at 8am from my friend Alex going "DID YOU KNOW ALAN MOORE IS IN LONDON SIGNING AT GOSH COMICS YOU COULD GET HIM TO SIGN LEAGUE!" - because the latest League of Extraordinary Gentlemen book came out this week and I have been vocally insisting Alex read the series. :P I was planning to go to my local store today, when the artist, Kevin O'Neill, was signing, but if they were both at Gosh, well, why not? So I grabbed an earlier train and got to Gosh at 2, which is when the signing was meant to start. They handed out numbers and I was #215. :P

This was Gosh's last hurrah before they move to Soho, which makes me sad - they're currently right across the street from the British Museum, so instead of staying in the queue I actually went and visited the Elgin Marbles and wandered around the ground floor for a while, which is always fun. And I won't be able to do that any more once they move! Sadness.

Anyways, the queue was ridiculously slow, and at 6pm, which was a) when the signing was meant to end and b) an hour after my dinner was meant to start, they had only reached #140. And while they were going to sign for everyone who had a number, I just couldn't stick around for the rest of it. So I fled for dinner! Which was lovely. *g*

Today I nearly missed the signing here, because I was talking to my my dad and grandmother - I got to the store just as they were shutting down, and basically shamelessly pouted my way in. At Gosh, I had picked up two limited edition bookplates exclusives, which were what I wanted signed and which showed that I'd been at Gosh yesterday, and so I had to explain that I'd been there but hadn't been able to stick around. Apparently they had continued signing until nearly 9pm! But O'Neill felt bad that I hadn't made it in, so not only did he sign the bookplates (that does NOT do the colours justice, btw), he sketched me a Mina Murray of my very own inside my Black Dossier hardcover! :D :D :D I LOVE IT SO.

Gosh will be doing a third bookplate when the third volume of this series of League comes out, so I must get that one so I can frame the whole set. I was idly thinking, on the way home, that I should see if O'Neill does commissions as well; then I could get a larger piece to complement the smaller ones. And I was thinking, what would I get him to draw? And then I cracked myself up and decided that yes, if possible, I will get that commission, because I really want to be able to frame and hang a bunch of images of my very favourite polyamorous omnisexual gender-flexible threesome made up of characters from classic literature reimagined in comics form. I mean, it's so me. :P

In short: League of Extraordinary Gentlemen! Total mindfuck, highly recommended if you're not reading it already... and please don't judge it by the movie.


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