tellitslant: amanda tapping being a dorkface at the camera (sanctuary - a-tapps - grrr)

i'm a prairie girl; lord, i know what space is

(and i really like snow)

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Name:queen of analogue
Birthdate:Nov 14
I like to drink tea, read books, and go places.

Mostly friends-only; all fannish stuff is public. Comment for mutual friending, please and thanks.

Any of my fic may be remixed, translated, podficced, illustrated, or otherwise further transformed, with the following caveats: please keep my name and a link to the original post intact, and please link me to your finished product so I may squeal with glee at you!


In what other climate does the Queen of Silence
Show us more splendour?
I love, oh Canada, night, the vast plain
Shining with whiteness!

- 'Winter,' Fran├žois-Xavier Garneau

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