Jul. 22nd, 2015

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what I just finished:
In the last two weeks, since I missed last week: Broken Harbour by Tana French, which didn't creep me out this round as badly as it used to. I started re-reading French's Secret Place but got sidetracked by the discovery that there's a new Sara Paretsky book out next week, so I'm re-reading all the V.I. Warshawski novels in advance. I've finished the first eight so far.

what I'm reading now:
Tunnel Vision, the ninth Warshawski novel. I really love these books, but I haven't re-read the whole series in a very long time. I'm finding it interesting to re-read them and think about their feminism as related to the era in which they were written. It's also quite interesting to read them adapting with the times - I re-read all the Kinsey Millhone novels earlier this year and they are resolutely grounded in the 80s, while these keep up with the calendar and the technology even as I think they keep V.I. at an acceptable age to continue detecting. I'm also enjoying thinking about the times at which I originally read these - when I started the series, which books I picked up as they were coming out. I think I started reading them in high school, so it's been a while.

what I'm reading next:
I have eight more Warshawski novels before the new one comes out on the 28th. I'm spending a bunch of time in airplanes and airports over the weekend, so who knows, I might make it. :P I also seem to have missed one novel in the group, or at least I don't remember it from the synopsis, so, yay, it's like two new ones!


tellitslant: amanda tapping being a dorkface at the camera (Default)
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