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Hello, lovely writer! I'm excited to see what you write for these little fandoms of my heart. If none of my prompts interest you and you have an idea of your own, please do run with it: I've listed some dislikes below but otherwise am more than willing to read what you want to write. If you want to know more, I'll try and give you a general sense of what I like as well as some more specific things I enjoy about each canon. I hope you have a good Yuletide!

FYI, my fic on AO3 is listed under kathryne.

I do not want to read: rape; explicit abuse; animal abuse or death; self-harm; kid!fic. I am okay with violence in service to the story. I am also okay with period-specific homophobia for canons where that is applicable, and would in fact prefer that to retrospectively rewriting history from a contemporary point of view.

Generally speaking, I’m a big fan of off-panel or canon-derivation in fic. I like to discover moments that we know must have happened but didn’t get to see, but that give added depth to what we find on-screen or on-page. I also like fic that spins off what we know into plausible future scenarios. When I do read AUs, I tend to be really fascinated by the ones that ask “what if” – what if this one thing was different? How would that play out? I prefer them to high school AUs or coffee shop AUs or the like.

99% of the time, what drives me to fannishness is not the world but the characters, and that’s certainly true for the longer canons here. I love these characters – their complexities, their flaws, their intricate relationships with each other. I prefer developed stories rather than vignettes strung together, but more of these ladies being wonderful in any shape would be grand.

I am definitely more interested in the women in these fandoms, but please don't feel the men need to be completely cut out. I just prefer them not to be the focus of the story.

You’ll see if you look at my fic that I write a fair bit of porn. I do love it, and I’d be happy to get some character-driven smut if appropriate. That said, I do write, read, and love gen as well, especially for these particular fandoms.

Last Tango in Halifax - Caroline Elliot, Gillian Greenwood

I'd love to read backstory about either of these characters - you can read this part of the prompt as a request for Caroline OR Gillian instead of Caroline AND Gillian. I'm particularly intrigued by their missing parents. We know so little about Gillian's relationship with her mother or Caroline's with her father. I'd love to see either of those fleshed out.

I'd also love to see futurefic as the two of them continue to accommodate their increasingly enmeshed family. How does Gillian bond with Flora, and how does Caroline feel about that? The two of them working together on the farm as Caroline becomes more accustomed to its rhythms? How do the two of them continue to handle Alan and Celia while increasingly learning how to be there for each other?

I would much prefer if neither Eddie nor Robbie nor Kate play major roles in whatever story you tell.

Dublin Murder Squad - Antoinette Conway

MORE ANTOINETTE PLEASE. I did not tag anyone else in this, but I am open to a story about Conway and literally anyone else in the series, with some caveats: I would prefer not to see her in a relationship with a man (I am a-okay with a woman if you can make that work *g*) and I would prefer the story not to be entirely about her dealing and failing to deal with the difficulties of her time in Murder. That said, seriously, go nuts!

Here are some possibilities that you may consider and discard at leisure: Conway and undercover; does she work with Cassie and/or Frank, somehow, in some connection? If so, what might she and Cassie have to discuss about being a woman on Murder? How does she work with Frank after Kilda's?

Conway and Moran on another case with more supernatural elements: how does she handle Moran when he starts going weird on her? Does she even acknowledge it?

Backstory on Conway and how she felt as an undercover?

Sam and Cassie finally calling in their favour and rejoining the squad, much further into their careers, and how that changes the environment, especially for Conway? Or something else that I have not considered? :D!

Killers Kill, Dead Men Die - The Aristocrat, The Maiden Aunt

This is a perennial request for me; I've received fic for it in the past and I want there to be MORE! Please feel free to include any other characters from the photoshoot if you like, as long as the main two are included as well.

Before I knew the source, I read The Aristocrat/Tilda and The Maiden Aunt/Alma as queer underworld mavens who've been shag partners and confidantes for each other in the male-dominated criminal underground for years. The actual text doesn't support that, but if you wanted to give me a story about how they've bald-facedly lied about being half-sisters (I'm not really looking for incest) and Alma's 'slowness' and gone on adventures, awesome. If not, I'd love to read about how either of them – singly or as business partners – have been scrimping and surviving in the underworld. If you ship either of these ladies with any of the other female characters, I'm here for that too.

In the text, Tilda dies: I'd prefer a story that doesn't deal with the aftermath of that, either because it's set earlier or because it's a fix-it.

I'm more than happy with gen for this as well, but what has always struck me about this shoot is how in control the women look, even more so than most of the men, and I'm keen to keep that as a key part of whatever story I get. OR: criminal road trip?