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Dec. 18th, 2015 09:16 pm
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I haven't read anyone's posts, so please comment/link me in the comments/whatever! No matter your opinions!

Okay, I am TOTALLY KNACKERED, because I had a lot of feelings about SW and then finished a Yuletide draft while having even more feelings about SW with a bunch of people on twitter VERY INTENSELY. But oh, man, briefly: I thought it was largely predictable and I LOVED IT. I mean, SW is not terribly original to begin with, but like most things it is about the quality of the way those story-beats are carried out. And even when this was not GREAT, it was still STAR WARS-Y, which has a lot to commend it. *g*

I knew the moment they decided to de-canonize the Extended Universe that Leia and Han's kid(s) were going to come into it, so I called that. And I was pretty sure someone from the original three was going to die, and that it wasn't going to be Luke (because Jedi) or Leia (because potential Jedi and also I was hoping they wouldn't kill off the woman). So I wasn't too surprised at Han's death, although oh god it hurts - though I didn't actually cry till later, when Chewie was flying the Falcon alone. *clutches heart*

I want allllll the backstory about the original three, omg, I want to know everything that we got the sketchy details of. Can that be the next animated series? Please?

And, oh yeah, there were new people in this! Uh, perhaps unsurprisingly, the other dudes were my least favourite. Pilot dude was super bland, although I bet a zillion people are going to start shipping him with Finn now, because WOW, even I SAW IT. And angsty masked white dude was... well, he was very emo. Although he did look a lot like Hayden Christensen. So good casting, I guess. But Finn and Rey, FINN AND REY, loved them both so very very much. I cried when Rey picked up the lightsabre. I'm so excited that this is HER HERO'S JOURNEY. SUCK IT, NERD BOYS.

I really hope Captain Phasma is not actually trash compacted. And I am really excited for the next one. And now i am going to go to bed really early, I think.

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Date: 2015-12-19 10:51 pm (UTC)
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FYI, pilot dude is Latino. I'm pleased the likely big boyslash ship from this film isn't two white dudes, how nice.

And REY oh my GOD. So amazing! Such a fabulous character I love her so much. Very much looking forward to seeing the rest of her story. <3

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Date: 2015-12-20 10:15 pm (UTC)
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I'm a little sad that the Timothy Zahn novels have been de-canonized. Sniff.

Rey was a great, strong character, although I did wish for a few more female characters.

Was not expecting Han's death at all. I thought Ford did a great job in this film; I'll be sad to not have him in the future (although I suppose he could come back in flashback or ghostly form). Definitely want more backstory!

I saw it at the 11pm show on Friday after a long work week. There was enough action and story there to keep me enchanted until the very end. I definitely walked away feeling satisfied and happy; something I can't say I felt after The Phantom Menace. Still like The Empire Strikes Back more, but I'm excited about the direction the series is taking.


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