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Hello, lovely writer! I'm so excited that you've offered one of these little fandoms, and I'm so looking forward to seeing what you write! If you've already got an idea, feel free to ignore all this: I'll give you a couple of dislikes, but everything outside of that is fair game. But if you want to know more, I'll try and give you a general sense of what I like as well as some more specific things I enjoy about each canon. I hope you have fun this Yuletide!

FYI, you can also check out my fic on AO3 under kathryne.

I do not want to read: rape; explicit abuse; animal abuse or death; self-harm; kid!fic. I am okay with violence in service to the story. I am also okay with period-specific homophobia for canons where that is applicable, and would in fact prefer that to retrospectively rewriting history from a contemporary point of view.

I've nicked a lot of this from last year's letter, simply because it hasn't really changed! Generally speaking, I’m a big fan of off-panel or canon-derivation in fic. I like to discover moments that we know must have happened but didn’t get to see, but that give added depth to what we find on-screen or on-page. I also like fic that spins off what we know into plausible future scenarios. When I do read AUs, I tend to be really fascinated by the ones that ask “what if” – what if this one thing was different? How would that play out? I prefer them to high school AUs or coffee shop AUs or the like.

99% of the time, what drives me to fannishness is not the world but the characters, and that’s certainly true for the longer canons here. I love these characters – their complexities, their flaws, their intricate relationships with each other. I prefer developed stories rather than vignettes strung together, but more of these ladies being wonderful in any shape would be grand.
I am definitely more interested in the women in these fandoms, but please don't feel the men need to be completely cut out. I just prefer them not to be the focus of the story.

You’ll see if you look at my fic that I write a fair bit of porn. I do love it, and I’d be happy to get some character-driven smut for some of my fandoms here! That said, I do write, read, and love gen as well, especially for these particular fandoms.

I enjoy fluffy fic and serious fic, angst and happy endings, humour that is dark and light and inappropriate as required. All of these depend on the tone of the canon, though.

And if that's not enough, a few more canon-specific thoughts, in reverse alphabetical order because why not:

Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries - Elizabeth MacMillan. (my MFMM tag on tumblr)

Mac, oh, Mac! Poor Mac has not been well-served by the series so far: please give me more of her.

I would love to see almost anything with Mac in it, but am particularly in love with the deep friendship she and Phryne have. Tell me more about their backstory – during the war, perhaps, Doctor Mac and Nurse Phryne? How they maintained their friendship with Mac in Melbourne and Phryne in England? (I'd prefer not to get an entirely-epistolary fic, but letters might make an interesting backdrop?) Mac as Phryne's confidante? Whether the friendship stays platonic or not is entirely up to you, dear writer, but either way it could be intriguing to explore what Mac thinks of Jack...

I love the multiplicity of female relationships shown in the series, so I'd love to see some of how Mac and Dot get along, or some Mac and Dot and Phryne shenanigans. Future-fic could be fun, as could fill-ins set at any point throughout the series.

Last Tango in Halifax - Caroline Elliot, Gillian Greenwood. (my LTIH tag on tumblr)

Caroline and Gillian and their relationship are the best parts of LTIH, as far as I'm concerned – and yet, one of the things I most want from fic is a look at either of their separate backstories. I'm particularly intrigued by their missing parents. We know so little about Gillian's relationship with her mother or Caroline's with her father. I'd love to see either of those fleshed out. (You can read this part of the prompt as Caroline OR Gillian, rather than Caroline AND Gillian.)

That said, I also love the way they each work to accommodate and understand the other. Some unseen encounters as they become accustomed to being sisters for real? More sneaky behind-the-scenes tag-teaming of Alan and Celia? Or perhaps a look ahead at what might happen if Gillian does decide to divorce Robbie? How do the two of them negotiate this extended family of theirs?

I have a lot of feelings about these poor characters and the trials to which they have been exposed, and so – if you have a sad story you want to tell (and if you're telling backstory, you might not be able to avoid it), go for it, but I would really like it if either or both of these gals got some hugs and comfort in their lives! Possibly even from each other!

I would much prefer if neither Eddie, Robbie, nor Kate play major roles in whatever story you tell.

Killers Kill, Dead Men Die - The Aristocrat, The Maiden Aunt

If you're not feeling my other prompts, this five-minute fandom is worth a look – based off a Vanity Fair photoshoot, there's something for every noir lover out there. I received a wonderful fic in this fandom last year, which just made me determined to keep doing what I can to increase awareness about it. I'm open to pretty much any story you want to tell about any of the women in this spread, even those who haven't been nominated this year, as long as at least one of my chosen two is part of it somehow – and feel free to include the men if you want. ;) I'm again stealing some of my thoughts from last year:

Before I knew the source, I read The Aristocrat/Tilda and The Maiden Aunt/Alma as queer underworld mavens who've been shag partners and confidantes for each other in the male-dominated criminal underground for years. The actual text doesn't support that, but if you wanted to give me a story about how they've bald-facedly lied about being half-sisters (I'm not really looking for incest) and Alma's 'slowness' and gone on adventures, awesome. If not, I'd love to read about how either of them – singly or as business partners – have been scrimping and surviving in the underworld. If you ship either of these ladies with any of the other female characters, I'm here for that too.

In the text, Tilda dies: I'd prefer a story that doesn't deal with the aftermath of that, either because it's set earlier or because it's a fix-it.

I'm more than happy with gen for this as well, but what has always struck me about this shoot is how in control the women look, even more so than most of the men, and I'm keen to keep that as a key part of whatever story I get. I also have a fairly good familiarity with noir tropes, so if you want to spin out a story that plays with/queers those – be it the backstory hinted at in the photoshoot or something different – that would be great. OR: criminal road trip? :D?

Thanks for reading, writer dear. I can't wait!


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