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When you see this, post excerpts from three of your works in progress, says the meme. Well, it's not quite 'when I see it,' because I had to fetch my notebook in from the car and type up a chunk of my most recent, but nevertheless. 'In progress' might be stretching it a bit too, but 'on my mind,' at least?

None of the excerpts are spoilery for their respective shows. In rough order from first started:

Scott & Bailey, untitled

Rachel's still half-asleep and out of sorts in the unfamiliar room. She can feel pillow creases on her cheek, and Godzilla's looking at her like – what? Like she's a family member, and one they're not sure if they'll have to comfort or caution. She's been dreaming of Dom, even skinnier than he is now, and when Godzilla doesn't react to his name it takes a minute to catch up with what she's actually hearing, to shift her thoughts to a completely different fuckup.

Scott & Bailey, "One Excuse"
note: this was my first bash at this year's Yuletide. I still haven't figured out whether it's salvageable or whether I've covered the bases thoroughly enough already.

Not everyone who's here is entirely a waste of space; Julie's deep in conversation with an old acquaintance from West Yorks, in the thick of things again after a stint back in uniform, when something catches her eye, some undercurrent in the feel of the room that threatens to drown her. She excuses herself with a brief word, her eyes scanning the crowd until she sees it: Gill, her glass in front of her like a shield, a circle of cops around her like sharks. Her face is set in what looks like a pleasant smile, but drawing closer, Julie can see it for the rictus of horror it is.

Closer still, and now she can hear the conversation; she sucks in a pained breath. She should've known.

Helen Bartlett.

As though it wouldn't be the talk of the force even now.

Last Tango in Halifax, untitled

It could, in fact, have been worse, Caroline thinks to herself afterwards. It could. She has, in her more macabre moments since this... thing... started, spent a fair amount of time thinking about the inevitable moment of their discovery and how it might come about. She's harboured a secret fear that John will catch them at it – that he'll find them in some impossible-to-deny position and start shouting. And he'll make it all about him, of course, part of his ongoing midlife crisis that every woman he sleeps with turns into a lesbian, never mind the temporal or theoretical impossibilities. None of that happened. So it could have been worse.

I still owe [personal profile] soupytwist a ficlet, but I haven't started it yet. *looks cute*
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