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That top ten AO3 stories meme is going around, and I don't believe I've done it before, so why the heck not?

by hit count:

1. The Only Ghost I'm Haunted By (White Collar, Peter/Elizabeth/Neal, Feb 2010) - oh look, the one with the super-popular m/m/f OT3 is at the top. Shocker.
2. All Time High (Warehouse 13, Myka/H.G., August 2012) - I'm really pleased that with a much shorter shelf life, this is something like fifty hits from taking the top spot.
3. Symptoms of Affection (Warehouse 13, Myka/H.G., August 2012) - ditto.
4. It Isn't Even Spring (White Collar, Peter/Elizabeth/Neal, Jan 2010)
5. Rimininny! (Warehouse 13, Myka/H.G., Oct 2012) - sometimes I think the title of this one keeps it from being quite as popular, but I couldn't not!
6. And One More For the Road (The Good Wife, Alicia/Kalinda, Sept 2010)
7. Pants on the Ground (White Collar, Elizabeth/Neal, Jan 2010)
8. Zip It! (Warehouse 13, gen & Myka/H.G., Sept 2012)
9. Begun in Wine (Secret Six, Jeannette & Scandal, Dec 2009) - definitely an outlier, but I would chalk this up to Yuletide.
10. If That's All We Have (White Collar, Elizabeth gen, Feb 2010)

Conclusions: no one read anything I wrote in 2011.

by kudos:

1. Practice (Elementary, Joan, Dec 2012) - hot new fandom at Yuletide! Shock! I do still get a steady-ish stream of kudos on this, though.
2. All Time High (Warehouse 13, Myka/H.G., Aug 2012) - I am amused that this is second on both lists!
3. the infinity of ghosts (Avengers, Maria/Natasha, Nov 2012)
4. Symptoms of Affection (Warehouse 13, Myka/H.G., August 2012)
5. Zip It! (Warehouse 13, gen & Myka/H.G., Sept 2012)
6. No Such Roses (Code Name Verity, Maddie/Julie, Dec 2012)
7. here where secrets hardly keep (Warehouse 13, Gen & Myka/H.G., Sept 2012)
8. Rimininny! (Warehouse 13, Myka/H.G., Oct 2012)
9. Ladies Who Lunch (The Good Wife, Kalinda/Diane, Dec 2010)
10. 30 Days of OTP - Bering and Wells (Warehouse 13, Myka/H.G., April 2013) - this is kind of cheating, as it's a collection of vignettes that are only loosely related; oh well. :P

Conclusions: Yuletiders give more kudos! Also femslashers. I do wonder if fandom is really slanting away from comments and towards kudos. On the other hand, I do love getting an almost-daily kudos email...

And, okay, I'm not going to do 21 last first-and-last lines (how much do people think I write? *g*), but maybe ten?

most to least recent:

1. Modern Life (W13, H.G./Myka)
first: Myka loved watching Helena learn new things about the modern world.
last: Maybe, Myka thought, smiling, it was time to return the favour.

2. Processing (W13, H.G./Myka)
first: It was long past the time when the bed and breakfast usually went quiet, but Helena could still hear Myka pacing around in her room.
last: With the taste of Myka's lips lingering on hers, she forced herself to concentrate instead on the pleasures of their present.

3. Night Terrors (W13, H.G./Myka)
first: Myka taps on Helena's door softly enough that Helena can pretend she hasn't heard if she wants to be alone.
last: Myka kisses her back and hopes that maybe, just maybe, they can keep the demons at bay.

4. Better Than (W13, H.G./Myka)
first: "Okay, quick, come on." Myka peered around the corner, waving Helena forward.
last: "Yes," Helena disagreed, thumb caressing Myka's cheekbone. "It was."

5. Happy Place (W13, H.G./Myka)
first: The weight of the hat was barely noticeable as it settled on her head, but Myka fell to her knees as if she'd been struck.
last: "Well," she said honestly, "I'll try."

6. No Such Roses (Code Name Verity, Maddie/Julie)
first: I am a coward.
last: Roses and ink, and if I close my eyes, I can still see Julie flying my plane, and so alive.

7. Practice (Elementary, Joan)
first: Strange hours, snatched catnaps, the adrenaline rush of being suddenly jolted awake.
last: Maybe it's time to start trusting her instincts again.

8. the infinity of ghosts (Avengers, Maria/Natasha)
first: It must be Clint's idea of a practical joke.
last: Sometimes, she thinks, it's nice being understood.

9. Rimininny! (W13, H.G./Myka)
first: There had been no pings, no artifact-related disasters, and no unexpected visits from Mrs Frederic for days.
last: It could wait.

10. here where secrets hardly keep: London (W13, H.G., Wolcott)
first: "Run, H.G.!" Wolcott shouts urgently.
last: Behind her, the nascent Birnam Wood rustles, the sound an ominous prophecy.

Conclusions: none, really? None of these really demonstrate my penchant for semicolons; most of them are relatively short; it's actually the fics I dislike the most that I think have the best openings/closings. Hm.
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