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So I have started sort-of watching Hustle, for reasons of all of the gorgeous gifs on Tumblr of Jaime Murray's adorable babyface, but it also stars Marc Warren, who is currently appearing as Nick on The Good Wife and against whom I therefore have a bit of animosity. I was chatting to [personal profile] sophia_gratia last night while watching ep one and expressed my desire for Warren's character Danny to get punched in the face - and then five seconds later, POW! RIGHT IN THE KISSER! And then again:

Soph: Maybe if Jaime Murray punches Marc Warren in the face on Hustle it reverberates through Alicia Florrick's fist onto Nick's face?
(ten minutes later)
Me: Aaaaaaand Jaime Murray's character just hauled off and slapped Marc Warren in the face. AWESOME.

Dear Buddha, I would also like a pony and a plastic rocket.

I'm not sure I would recommed the show yet, but it seems to enjoy playing with the conventions of the confidence genre. I can see crossovers with it and White Collar working pretty damn well, is what I'm saying. Also, it is just gorgeously shot. London, how so pretty.

Today I have to listen to a lecture on German Expressionism and then teach a seminar half on Borat (no, really) and half on silent film comedy. Then I am alone in the flat allll weekend, save for a birthday tea tomorrow and Thanksgiving on Sunday. Sleep all the hours! Write all the things! Post all the reaction posts! Wait anxiously for [community profile] femslash12 assignments and [ profile] yuletide signups! Also, I think, pizza.


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