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When you see this, post excerpts from three of your works in progress, says the meme. Well, it's not quite 'when I see it,' because I had to fetch my notebook in from the car and type up a chunk of my most recent, but nevertheless. 'In progress' might be stretching it a bit too, but 'on my mind,' at least?

None of the excerpts are spoilery for their respective shows. In rough order from first started:

Scott & Bailey )

Scott & Bailey )

Last Tango in Halifax )

I still owe [personal profile] soupytwist a ficlet, but I haven't started it yet. *looks cute*
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Title: Saturday Night and Sunday Morning
Author: [personal profile] tellitslant
Fandom: Scott & Bailey
Characters/pairing: Gill Murray, Julie Dodson, Janet Scott; background Gill/Julie
Rating: General
Word count: 4400
Notes: Many thanks to [personal profile] soupytwist for her keen Mancunian eye. This was originally begun as a prompt for [personal profile] sophia_gratia's birthday and finished for mine, so, thematic! As this was begun before s4 aired, it plays fast and loose with the show's timeline - but then, so too does the show, in places.
Warnings: None.
Summary: "I don't want to run the risk of getting drunk like someone I know did at her fortieth and run up and down the back garden topless at midnight in front of her few remaining guests singing 'I Am Sixteen Going On Seventeen.'" In the aftermath of Gill's birthday, Janet and Julie have a heart-to-heart.

Read it on AO3!


Oct. 30th, 2014 12:08 am
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A brief addendum to my Dear Yuletide Writer letter, which is spoilery for the s4 finale of Scott & Bailey, under the cut )


Oct. 29th, 2014 10:23 pm
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dear Scott & Bailey, I'm sorry I ever doubted you, thank you for making up to me all the horrible things that Warehouse 13 did, mwah mwah mwah love you forever, xoxo kk
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My plans for the evening got cancelled on me, thank goodness, which meant I had time to eat dinner and wade through most of my inbox and, oh yeah, rewatch last week's Scott & Bailey ep. :P How is there only one left? I am not okay with this!

4x07 )
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Title: dust under your mouth
Author: [personal profile] tellitslant
Fandom: Scott & Bailey
Characters/pairing: Gill Murray/Julie Dodson
Rating: Explicit
Word count: 3500
Notes: Written as a [community profile] femslashex treat, because I didn't sign up and then felt quite bad about that. Thanks to [personal profile] soupytwist, my favourite tiny Mancunian, and [profile] sophiagratia, my favourite head-canon-encourager, for beta and assorted duties.
Warnings: None. Set early s3; no spoilers.
Summary: At the end of a long and impossible day, Gill finally finds what she needs.

Read it on AO3!

*zooms in, drops belated link, zooms away*
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My strategy this week was to finish the last of my Thanksgiving leftovers before Scott & Bailey, thus anaesthetizing myself with tryptophan so I could get through the ep unscathed. It kind of worked?

This is not a full ep review, but just a brief digression off the first line of the ep, or at least what I think that line is )
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It may be time to admit that my concern about Gill Murray is overshadowing my ability to be thoughtful about this show. :P Note: behind the cut are some predictions for the future of this season, based on minor casting spoilers that I also discuss.

ep 4x05 )

I asked [profile] sophiagratia, somewhat in jest, why we watch this show, and she responded so eloquently that I have to put it here for future reference.

we watch this show because it has never once backed down from its very basic premise which is that you can make beautiful, intelligent television in traditionally masculine genres and center it entirely on the lives of women, their relationships to each other and to their work, and make it real, and vivid, and succeed. you can make beautiful television by taking an unapologetic stance on abuse and its consequences. you can make beautiful television by showing how important survival relationships are, and how hard-won, and how fragile. we watch this show because it doesn’t let go of these women no matter how damaged they get, because it shows how it is possible to watch someone suffer and never stop taking her side.

So, yeah. Us and Gill against the world, eh?


Sep. 24th, 2014 09:41 pm
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So, that was the first ep of Scott & Bailey written by a man! Hm hm hm. :P

S&B 4x03 )

Also, now I really want a jacket potato, and also a good local queer bar or fifty. And to answer comments on last week's post...
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I thought, oh, I'll have a beer, that'll make it much easier to watch this week's Scott & Bailey


(good beer though)

I'm a fetish! )

Also if you took the brother in this, Anthony, and added about a hundred pounds or so to his weight, you'd have one of my DPhil supervisors. It's a bit eerie.
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So, here's my problem: I watched the first three seasons of Scott & Bailey on [profile] sophiagratia's rec, meaning that she'd watched them all and I knew that even though terrible things happened, none of those things were things that would make me want to stop watching the show. And now that s4 has started and I'm watching it blind, I am really stressed out that something is going to happen that will destroy the show for me forever.

(I, ah. Upon reflection, I may have some slight trauma from the end of Warehouse 13. OH GOD I WILL NEVER TRUST TELEVISION AGAIN *ahem*)

Anyways so apparently I should just plan that my Wednesday nights for the next two months are going to be completely taken up with this show, what with the pausing and the whimpering and the hiding-in-my-hoodie breaks that meant I just spent nearly three hours watching the 45-minute ep. And now I'm going to re-watch it, like, of course I am, because now I can enjoy it without stress. Commentary behind the cut; also includes some stressing about a point that has not yet been revealed in the show but was teased in the trailer. I'll put that behind an extra cut on DW, but if you're on LJ you'll just have to deal, now won't you.

no bombs, no lunatics )
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If you don't follow me on Tumblr, you may have missed my precipitous and complete descent into the Scott & Bailey fandom. If you do follow me on Tumblr... I'd say I'm sorry about the massive pic- and gifspams, but really, we all know I'd be lying.

Scott & Bailey is a Sunday-night-drama buddy-cop show off ITV; I've seen it described as a more realistic, Mancunian Cagney and Lacey, which given what I know about some of the original feminist undertones of C&L seems fairly apt. It'd been on my radar for a while, but then [profile] sophiagratia started writing fic for it, and that so often spells my downfall. :P What really did it for me, though, was that I put on the first ep, watched the opening credits, and noticed that all the names (save a few actors) were female: creators, producer, director, writer. Not to mention the characters! By s3 (s4 starts airing... soon... ish), we have: two main characters, detective constables (DC), female; one main character, detective chief inspector (DCI), female; one regular character, detective superintendent (DSI), female; one recurring character, forensic pathologist, female; one minor recurring character, assistant chief constable (ACC), female; several recurring characters, male, who pretty much never get the POV position.

...they do whole long, important scenes in the women's toilets. !!! <333

It's also very well made and beautifully shot (I didn't know Manchester could look so pretty... kidding, kidding, I love Manchester *g*). The direction is fabulous, especially in some of the most recent episodes, and while occasionally some of the stories are a bit heavy-handed, the dialogue and the character interactions are always just golden. They're extremely good at building up narrative arcs that sweep through not only multiple episodes, but multiple seasons, often surprising me by bringing back something that I hadn't realised was going to be important.

The Scott and Bailey of the title are Janet Scott and Rachel Bailey, our two detective constables - best friends, brilliant coworkers, competent and capable and occasionally really fucked up (and who occasionally really fuck up, which is different). The marketing sells them as the competent mum (Janet) and the wild child (Rachel), but that's far too simplistic and superficial. Their DCI is Gill Murray, who is this tiny ambitious force of nature and who I kind of want to grow up to be. This holy trinity is occasionally expanded by Gill's bestie, Julie Dodson, also a DCI, five foot ten and still wears fuck-off-high heels to work but is horribly afraid of the ACC. :P I want to squish them all.

I'm particularly amazed just how much I adore Janet, because that sort of... steady... character is rarely my forte. Like so many of the rest of the characters, though, Janet is much more than what we originally see, and the way she (and everyone) develops is realistic and brilliant. I feel a lot of occasionally uncomfortable, occasionally pleasant sympathy with Rachel, and want to smack her about equally often. And like I said, I want to be Gill in a lot of ways; despite being nominally the third-billed character, I just love her arc, from what we learn of her background through the second season to how we see her excelling - and failing - in the DCI job.

The full trailer for the fourth season just came out and I am slightly worried about some of what it shows, but I am trying to trust that the showrunners who gave us such an incredible show so far, with almost no emotional slips, will be able to keep that up. (I'm also considering suggesting it for teevee club, because I would like to a) share it and b) be forced to watch it in a more measured way).

It's interesting - I'd been thinking lately that I haven't been reading nearly as much crime/mystery fiction as I used to, and then I read the S&B tie-in novels and now I'm full-on back into yessss, mysteries, yessss. Recs appreciated! The nice thing about this hiatus, though, is that loads of the series I used to read have published multiple books in the interim. :P
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Title: Beating the Bounds
Author: [personal profile] tellitslant
Fandom: Scott & Bailey
Characters/pairing: Rachel Bailey & Janet Scott
Rating: G
Word count: 1800
Notes: Written in response to a prompt by [personal profile] chaila for a fic where Rachel takes care of a drunk Janet for once. Thanks to [ profile] featherxquill for beta and titling assistance.
Warnings: None. Set late s2; no real spoilers.
Summary: Role reversal: the changing of positions between the protagonist and a significant other.

Or, another night out, another pub, only this time it's Rachel's turn to be the responsible one. Set late season two; no major spoilers.

Read it on AO3!


Jul. 27th, 2014 11:33 am
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Here's a thought I just can't get rid of: Scott & Bailey zombie apocalypse fic. that might be a Yuletide request then.

(I mean, specifically the apocalypse part. S&B is definitely going to be a Yuletide request.)

(I keep trying to stop consuming texts set in England, because they just make me homesick.* I keep failing. Worth it.)

*the sentiment is apt even if the terminology is lacking.


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