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Note for anyone not assigned to me: I am on AO3 as kathryne. :)

My very dear Yuletide writer! Thank you so much for writing for me, first off. I'm extremely excited and I know that as long as you enjoy what you're writing, I will too! I am going to ramble a bit about my general likes and then my fandom-specific likes, but I hope that if you have an idea that doesn't quite fit with the fandom-specific thoughts that you'll run with it and write something fun for you.

In general, I like stories about awesome women. :D This doesn't mean that I just like strong women - there is a lot to be said for vulnerabilities - but complexities of character are key. Of course, if you've offered to write one of my requests, you probably understand that perfectly. I like relationshippy stories, but I would also enjoy gen or friendship fic about any of the ladies I've requested. I do like a little plot with my porn, if that's the direction you're going, but the porn part is certainly not mandatory.

I like off-panel moments, backstory that we know must have happened but never saw, angst, sex, no sex. I like both happy endings and sad endings! I love character interaction and banter and humour and snark. I like linear narrative and non-linear, experimental narrative.

I dislike embarrassment/humiliation, non-con (though I love power dynamics), stories about Epic Man Pain, poor grammar, and illlogical characterization.

Warehouse 13 )

The Good Wife )

Casino Royale Bond-verse )

I am really looking forward to Yuletide-y goodness, and I hope that even after reading this, you are too. :D Please remember that optional details are optional and have FUN, and thank you for writing me a fic!


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