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Another year, another Yuletide. I flew all the way to England to get the most recent source material for this fic! ;) And thankfully that turned out to be very useful. I was definitely the least popular of an already tiny fandom, possibly due to posting relatively early? But it was an interesting exercise and I got a delightful comment from my recip, so yay Yuletide!

Sometimes and After (3736 words) by kathryne
Fandom: Murder Most Unladylike Series - Robin Stevens
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: Daisy Wells, Hazel Wong
Additional Tags: Future Fic, World War II
Summary: As war looms, Hazel and Daisy's worlds narrow and finally part... or do they?

I also notice I never shared the pinch-hit I wrote for femslash16 in October here, so while I'm on the subject...

Take Care Of Business (2154 words) by kathryne
Fandom: Killers Kill; Dead Men Die - Annie Leibovitz
Rating: Mature
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Aristocrat/Maiden Aunt
Characters: The Aristocrat (Killers Kill; Dead Men Die), The Maiden Aunt (Killers Kill; Dead Men Die)
Additional Tags: Hidden Relationship, Jealousy
Summary: PUCKER UP: this fast-talking fruit magnate-ess was spotted in a rare clinch on the dance floor at the RKO gala last night, showing off her assets in a gold Balenciaga number that had us by the pips... she's sweet as sugar now, but she's never been in a hurry to put down roots before... and with the sour looks she was getting across the floor, perhaps rumors of infidelity and sibling rivalry are flowering on the vine... don't expect her to settle on a main squeeze in the near future, we say.

These two were both chances to stretch myself in terms of tone and voice, and I think I did pretty okay on both of them - which is good, since I sure didn't write much else this year!
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