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what I just finished:
The week I missed: I finished the last eight V.I. Warshawski novels in time to pick up the most recent only a day after its release date, last Wednesday. Finished that on Thursday, then, hmm. At some point I went to the store with a gift card and picked up a couple of books, including one by Libba Bray, but immediately got sidetracked into Beauty Queens, a different one of hers. Surely I read more than that. Maybe not, though - I spent a lot of the weekend packing stuff.

what I'm reading now:
The aforementioned Libba Bray novel, the first of her new (trilogy? series?), The Diviners. It came out a good three years ago and I'm astonished I hadn't read it yet, since I love the Gemma Doyle trilogy. (Aside: how the FUCK did The Sweet Far Thing come out in 2007, jfc didn't it come out like yesterday, how even.) This one's set, not in Victorian England, but Prohibition-era New York City. Loving it so far, and the next one comes out later this month, so my timing is perfect.

what I'm reading next:
No idea. The Diviners is a rather large physical book, so I need to find some kindle books to get me through folkfest weekend. Light. Fluffy. Good. Thoughts?
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