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I am looking for a new flatmate by the end of this month and thought I would see if the internet could do some of the hunting for me. It would be lovely to live with a fannish type. Please link this around anywhere you think is suitable.

Wanted: One Flatmate, Brighton and Hove, late July 2011-late July 2012 (approx)

The Room:
Double bed (some pillows, sheets, and duvet as well), large wardrobe, small chest of drawers. Pretty basic, but what else do you need? Loads of storage space in a separate room. Desk in shared lounge.

The Flat:
Small but sunny, modern, and well-maintained. Excellent location near the beach (two blocks up from Meeting Point Cafe) and on many major bus routes (1, 2, 5, 25 (to universities), 49, and more). Fully furnished. Lovely large bath, nice kitchen (just renovated), bright lounge with south-facing windows and some sea view. Just over the Hove border but easy walk to Brighton town centre and either train station. Near Waitrose; quick bus ride or pleasant walk to large Tesco; about two blocks from Tesco Express and Sainsbury's Express. Private listing, so no agency involved; contract will be with the landlords, not with me.

PhD student at Sussex entering my final year. Canadian. Queer. Disorganized but not messy. Silly. I hate: mornings, cooking alone, and writer's block. I love: books, live music, and coffee shops. My schedule is remarkably erratic; when I'm around, I'm happy to sit down and chat about our days, hang out with a small group of people, or go out for food, drink, and merriment.

Preferably female. Preferably a student (for council tax purposes, but this is negotiable). Unlikely to make me talk too much in the mornings (this point is non-negotiable *g*). Other than that, I am pretty easygoing!

Rent is reasonable for the area and bills are relatively low.

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Date: 2011-07-01 06:43 pm (UTC)
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Hm - my first thought is that it might be too small for three in here, but definitely worth discussing - please do point them this way if you think they'd be interested! Thanks very much!


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