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I've been idly rewatching The Good Wife and reached 4x01 this afternoon, which sent me looking for the great discussion we had in [personal profile] sophia_gratia's journal when it first aired. Re-reading the comments on her analysis of one of the Kalinda scenes pointed out that when we see Kalinda's notebook, we can actually see Archie's lines in it, which I of course had to pause and see for myself. And then I laughed like a loon for about five minutes, because along with her lines, what else can we see on the page?

(click to embiggen)

The word 'about,' written four or five times, circled, with arrows pointing to it.

Given some discussions I've been having lately about Kalinda's accent slipping... this cracked me up.
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One of the things I love about The Good Wife is how it presents sex on screen.

let's talk about sex baby )
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Some of you may be interested to know that i am not busy enough and thus running a W13 ficathon. See details at the tumblr or follow the feed: [syndicated profile] theholidayaisle_feed. :D!
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Title: one warm line
Author: [personal profile] tellitslant
Fandom: Warehouse 13
Characters/pairing: H.G. Wells/Myka Bering
Rating: Explicit
Word count: 7500
Disclaimer: Characters are property of SyFy etc. This is a transformative work; no infringement is intended.
Notes: Many thank-yous to [ profile] thiswildernessismyhome for cheerleading and beta duties. This is a stand-alone fic, but shares an ethos with my fic "Zip It" (LJ version; AO3 version).
Warnings: None. Set after 2x09, Vendetta.
Summary: Trapped alone in the Warehouse with no prospect of immediate rescue, Myka and Helena examine the unexplored terrain of their relationship.

Remember, nothing ever really dies; it just changes shape. )
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I was really amused by Elementary basically mirroring one of the core elements of my Yuletide story, and then it went on to say that this ep was sponsored by the album from which the fic title came. Hee. But I am quite pleased that I got into Moriarty's brain enough to guess a few things )

I need a better tag for this show. And where does one even go to discuss telly around here any more anyways? *looks vainly for a reblog button* WHERE ARE THE GIFS.
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fandom year in review
I was not really tremendously fannish this year but I am doing this anyway (even though I'm not doing the fic year in review, because wow, I did not write very much fic; resolution for next year, write more fic).

Your main fandom of the year?
I don't really know! I was probably most active in Warehouse 13, but I'm not terribly into the tumblr fandom. Still, I wrote some fic and enjoyed it quite a lot, even if I've drifted a bit in the last half of the year. I guess it should probably count, though, since it's the only one where I crashed the studio on the final day of filming? :P

Your favorite tv show of the year?
It has to be The Good Wife, which came back from a good-but-not-great fourth year to blow me the fuck away throughout all of the first half of its fifth year. Every aspect of that show is just AMAZING. Shoutouts to Bomb Girls and Lost Girl, though, because homegrown Canadian awesomeness with brilliant ladies! They're tooootally different shows, and neither of them is nearly as quality as TGW, but they're good and fun and I have been really pleased to watch them.

Your best new fandom discovery of the year?
That I could still care about a character played by Mia Kirshner even after hating her as Jenny in The L Word? :P I was surprised that I liked Kenya in Defiance as much as I did – and very pleased, because it made the events I knew were coming much more engaging and interesting. So, yay for that! She is no longer tainted in my eyes! *g*

Your biggest fandom disappointment of the year?
Oh, the DC Universe. I cannot. I am still so sad and angry about the whole state of the reboot. I'm doing my best to read more non-DC Comics (and if you read indy comics but are not reading Sex Criminals you are WRONG IN THE FACE), but I really miss being able to care about those characters. I was whingeing on twitter about missing my identity-touchpoint characters and Gail Simone told me that one of the characters from her series The Movement reminds her of me and I still haven't been able to bring myself to read it. Ugh.

Your fandom boyfriend of the year?
Pete from W13. I mean, it just has to be Pete, because he has the BEST brotp with Myka ever and I adore it. (IDK, movieverse Tony Stark could probably go in here too.) Oooh, or I have a massive braincrush on Matt Fraction, who writes Hawkeye and Sex Criminals (though lbr, I fancy his wife waaay more *cough*).

Your fandom girlfriend of the year?
I suspect this was my answer last year, but Helena Wells! At least, I think she's the only character where I randomly text people just to tell them I'm having some feelings about her (hi, [profile] sophiagratia!). I still want to write all sorts of fic about her and hug her and give her a happy ending.

Your biggest squee moment of the year?
As a feminist, a pop culture critic, a fan of the Laurie R King Mary Russell book series, a semi-fan of the original canon, and someone who was massively hacked off at the mistreatment of the character in Sherlock... I was beyond thrilled to hear that Elementary's Moriarty was going to be not just A Woman but The Woman. The whole Moriarty arc made me just so delightfully happy. And then I really fell for her character while I was writing my Yuletide fic and oh MAN have you seen the promos for her return? WHICH BTW AIRS TOMORROW. I have a lot of feelings about her brain and her emotions and her evil plans (and, let's be honest, her face).

The most missed of your old fandoms?
I drifted away from my Stargate watch, which makes me sad. But really, hanging out with [personal profile] cyborganize at GeekGirlCon kind of made me miss BSG, not just for the people (most of the people) but for the fantastic community that was built around that show.

The fandom you haven't tried yet, but want to?
Although I've written in Elementary twice for Yuletide, I haven't paid much attention to it fannishly in between – I didn't even really keep up with it as it aired this autumn. I would like to do that more! I am also really looking forward to starting to watch Orphan Black and at least being able to read the fic, even if I don't get super-fannish about it.

Your biggest fan anticipations for the coming year?
More Moriarty! New Captain Marvel! New Black Widow series! More Defiance! The Captain America movie!
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At last, the moment of truth. ;) I wrote two stories this year and thoroughly enjoyed both of them, which was very nice. I did have some... fun... writing a) one character in two different accents and b) one character in her first and second language when we don't actually get to speak her first language. :P

My assignment:

got a lot to not do (let me kill it with you) (3395 words) by kathryne
Fandom: Elementary (TV)
Rating: Mature
Relationships: Sherlock Holmes/Jamie Moriarty | Irene Adler, Irene Adler/Sherlock Holmes
Characters: Jamie Moriarty | Irene Adler, Sherlock Holmes
Summary: I dearly hope you'll write soon.

I had kind of hoped to get a Joan/Moriarty prompt, because I would love to write them but didn't particularly have any useful ideas, but instead my recip asked for anything about Moriarty. I wrote a series of Holmes/Moriarty scenes interspersed with letters from prison; finding Moriarty's voice for the letters was great fun. (However: every single time I went to write 'Jamie,' as in 'Jamie Moriarty,' it came out 'Jaime,' as in 'Jaime Murray.' I do hope I caught those. *facepalm*) And now I want to write more Elementary fic and I do kind of have a Joan/Moriarty idea, so yay!

I still feel a bit silly about stealing a title from my latest favourite singer, but I do think it's perfect, so. I also wish I had had more time to do more research on London's East End, but that bit didn't come together until after the upload, so it's largely personal experience and google, which I feel meant it suffered a bit.

I am a bit sad that this didn't get more hits, when last year's Joan-fic got quite a few, but I think I should have given it a better summary. Oh well, I enjoyed it.

And a treat:

Light Gets In (1564 words) by kathryne
Fandom: Defiance (TV)
Rating: Mature
Relationships: Kenya Rosewater/Stahma Tarr
Characters: Kenya Rosewater, Stahma Tarr, Datak Tarr, Alak Tarr
Additional Tags: Misses Clause Challenge
Summary: Stahma does a colour study.

The recip (ellabell) is on my tumblr dash, so when I saw her go out on the pinch hit list in a fandom I'd been meaning to try writing in I stuck it aside for later, just in case. If I'd expected anyone to guess one of my fics, this would be the one; I thought it was incredibly in my voice and style, and there is a lot of overlap between the Defiance and the Warehouse 13 fandoms.

This one desperately needs a last edit, but I wrote it on the 24th and uploaded it about half an hour before the archive went live (I was actually still awake when the archive opened, though I chose to wait to read till the morning), so I'm okay with a couple of typos. I also really like how it turned out in terms of a character study. The summary is perhaps the worst (again! note to self: write summaries first next time), but I do really like the title: there is a crack in everything, and Kenya might be the one in Stahma's composure.

Overall I really enjoyed writing for Yuletide this year! Next year I will possibly not offer Elementary (three years in a row might be a bit much) and will, as always, try to get a requests/offer list done early and my writing done early. I expect to be just as successful on those as I always am. :P
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There was a lot of fantastic fic in the archive this year. Here is a collection of my favourites.

First off, I'm surprised I haven't heard people flailing about this one, because I feel like it should be this year's standout. I clicked through because I was side-eyeing the fandom and I am SO GLAD I did:

The Velvetskynn™ Rabbit (3540 words) by Anonymous
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Sex Toys (Anthropomorphic), Velveteen Rabbit - Margery Williams
Rating: Mature
*flaily hands* LOOK AT THAT TITLE AND THE FANDOMS AND THEN READ THIS DO NOT EVEN STOP. Don't read the tags, though, or you'll spoil the surprise crossover at the end.

As for the rest: brief recs in Addams Family, Avengers Assemble (comics), Batman (Nolanverse movies), Defiance, Elementary (including Elementary/Batwoman), Slings & Arrows, and Bomb Girls under the cut )

I maintain the offer: guess one of my two Yuletide fics and get a drabble or a ficlet or something.
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Darling YT writer, this is my official "I might not be here" post - I am off to a land of little wifi for the next few days. I will hopefully be able to read and comment on my phone, but if not (fun fact: my aunt's house occasionally roams to another country in terms of mobile access): it's not you, it's me.


(My own Yuletide update: less 'bears,' still 'bear cubs.')
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[personal profile] zulu asked me to suggest comics with interesting art that would be suitable for junior high-age students, and though it wasn't technically part of my December meme thing (request more topics!), I thought I'd share. :P

A lot of the stuff I find most interesting currently is creator-owned work that I'm not sure would be age-appropriate, but I did come up with two comics that I think would be really interesting in terms of pushing the comics art envelope.

The first is Batwoman - but please note that I cannot countenance recommending anything in the current DC universe, so I specifically mean the pre-reboot Batwoman by Greg Rucka and J.H. Williams III, collected in Batwoman: Elegy.

J.H.'s art is... magical. What I love most about his work on Batwoman, though, is his incredibly creative work with panels and page layouts. A lot of traditional comics thinking relies on a certain number of panels and/or flow, but J.H. subverts that and creates incredibly intricate, organic, beautiful full pages, double pages, and panels. For example:
Batman and Batwoman – speech not needed to convey the tension or the progression
Batwoman in a fight – this is post-reboot, but such a great example of not needing defined panels to move the action
Batwoman drugged – even in pencils and not coloured, the confusion of the drugging comes through
Batwoman and Alice - parallels! panel structure! gorgeousness!
J.H. also switches between art styles and creates new panel styles for each of them. Highly recommended, and not just for Zulu's class. :P

The other comic that sprang to mind was the current run of Hawkeye, by Matt Fraction and David Aja – particularly issue #11, which is told entirely from the POV of Hawkeye's dog. I'm actually way behind on this comic, but I know that the issue also retells events from a previous issue, only from different angles and without the use of human speech. The way that the narrative progresses mostly without speech bubbles and the ability to see the same events told by the same writer and artist from two very different perspectives might be quite neat.
Pizza Dog perspective | Two
Pizza Dog solves murders

(Actually his name is Lucky, not Pizza Dog)

Those are my thoughts – if anyone else wants to chime in for the edification of Zulu's classes, I'm sure your thoughts would also be welcome. :P
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I almost never listen to the radio, and haven't for a very long time, but I've had to the last few weeks to find out where the fewest car crashes are on my commute to work. *g* (In a 30-block stretch on the Whitemud on Friday - after rush hour - I counted three SUVs that had gone not only off the road but several car lengths up the fairly steep bank. Edmonton, how.)

Anyways, although I have discovered secret weaknesses for the new Katy Perry and Miley Cyrus songs (I know don't judge), I also ran across a new artist whose stuff I really like. Lorde is a 17-year-old NZ artist who just got nominated for a bunch of Grammys. The song that caught me on the radio is "Royals," though I don't love the video:

"Team" is, I think, her newest song, and I like the video much more:

What are you listening to lately that's new-to-you? What should I check out that's not on the radio?


Dec. 7th, 2013 05:09 pm
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Okay, thanks everyone who keeps asking me to write about comics and stuff, because I just went back and re-read a bunch of my DCU fic and oh, yeah. That's why I'm fannish about them.

(Also I've definitely done some of my best writing for Jeannette and for Renee. Um. Neither of whom exist in comics canon any more. Which is why I am no longer so fannish. Dammit, pendulum swing.)
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Meme time again! (Even just a couple of days in, I am really enjoying this meme: my flist is so busy again! And journalling/commenting/writing has been so bound up with anxiety lately that it is nice to have clear-cut reasons to interact with people without feeling like a numpty. YAY. So I still have some slots free if anyone is interested. I'm also trying to comment on everyone who has asked for topics, so if I've missed you, please point me back to it?)

[personal profile] bell asked me to talk about The Good Wife s5. EXCELLENT TIMING. Spoilers behind the cut, but the one thing I will say first is: I'm so annoyed that they gave up on the episode naming conventions! All the s1 episodes had single-word names, the s2 eps had two-word names, and so on through s4, but s5 has weirdly gone back to three-word names. *fistshake* Breaking tradition!

first, the dislikes... )

and the LIKES... )
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December topics! More open spaces here.

Right, so [personal profile] chaila asked me to talk about times when Diana showed up in a book other than Wonder Woman and I liked how she was written. This is actually quite difficult for me – I don't tend to read a lot of the team books that Diana has been part of (ie Justice League) because I generally don't care about enough of the other heroes. *g* When she does show up in other books, I also rarely like how she's portrayed! So the confluence of events doesn't happen very often. Ahem. However, I have come up with a few examples – and I didn't even cheat by including JLA: League of One, which technically would totally count as it's a Justice League book. :D?


You should, of course, assume spoilers for all the listed books. I did these in the order I thought of them, so there is no preference suggested.

Action Comics 761 )

JLA 47-49 )

Secret Six 10-14 )

More spaces, if you want to make me talk about stuff! Click on the link up there.
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Copied from half the interwebs:

Topic open house for December (which will actually get me to post more).

Pick a date below and give me a topic, and I'll ramble on. I'm good at talking. It can be anything you want; personal, fannish, work-related, political, favourite memories, travel, whatever.

I reserve the right to hand-wave at prompts that I don't feel equipped to meet. I will try to come up with topics for days no one else chooses.

December 01 - skipped!
December 02 - Three times Wonder Woman showed up in another book and I loved it ([personal profile] chaila)
December 03 -
December 04 - The Good Wife s5 ([personal profile] bell)
December 05 - Big scary plans for the future ([personal profile] zulu)
December 06 - Comics for beginners with interesting art ([personal profile] zulu)
December 07 -
December 08 -
December 09 -
December 10 - Three favourite Wonder Woman arcs (not written by Greg Rucka) ([personal profile] chaila)
December 11 - Non-sci-fi sci-fi tropes in comics ([personal profile] rhivolution)
December 12 - Batwoman ([personal profile] crossing_hades)
December 13 -
December 14 - SECRET SIX! Top 5 moments; top 3 characters. ([personal profile] beccatoria)
December 15 - If I were to create a comic, what would it be about? What would be the most important elements? ([personal profile] carawj)
December 16 - Three people I'm fans of whom I've met in person, and one I'd like to ([personal profile] hobbitbabe)
December 17 - Top 5 childhood memories ([personal profile] cosmic_llin)
December 18 - Three-to-five-ish underrated comics creators/arcs/characters that I love ([personal profile] shinyjenni)
December 19 -
December 20 -
December 21 -
December 22 - [may not have internet access]
December 23 - [may not have internet access]
December 24 - [may not have internet access]
December 25 - [may not have internet access]
December 26 - [may not have internet access]
December 27 -
December 28 - seasonal food associations ([personal profile] sohotrightnow)
December 29 - Edmonton ([personal profile] bell)
December 30 - Birthdays ([personal profile] anonymous_sibyl)
December 31 -
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Hi! I'm so sorry it took me so long to get this up. Thanks so much for writing me a story this year. I have chosen a bunch of super-awesome ladies that I really just want to have awesome adventures of various stripes, and I’m really excited to see what you come up with for some of them.

If you're coming here from a non-assignment link, my AO3 name is kathryne. :)

I wrote my signup very quickly on the day signups closed, so if there’s anything there that sounds weird, I apologize. ;) Hopefully I’ll put any worries you have to rest!

I try to give a lot of various suggestions, but if none of them sit right with you, of course you should feel free to write something that you want. I just ask that you make sure none of the dudes from these canons accidentally take the forefront. I’m more than happy to have dudes – and other awesome ladies – as supporting cast, but would really like my story to fit the Misses Clause challenge and pass the Bechdel Test. Otherwise, I’m pretty easy (that’s what she said). I’m happy with any rating from G to NC-17 if it suits the story you’re trying to tell. I’m even happy with sad, tragic endings, depending on the fandom – probably not with Captain Marvel, where I want Ladies Hitting Things, but with The Good Wife, sure. My only pet peeve is probably sloppy spelling and grammar. ;)

Anyways, a few more notes on my various requests. If you're writing The Good Wife, that one is at the bottom as it has spoilers through 5.03 in the clarification! Just FYI.

Captain Marvel
I really just want a story about Jess and Carol kicking ass and taking names and being bros, or more-than-bros, or making fun of the Avengers. Generally, awesome ladies being awesome. I haven't tagged anyone else, but inclusion of more awesome ladies of Marvel, or even or awesome dudes of Marvel as supporting characters, would be loads of fun - I'm pretty up on everything movieverse and all sorts of random old-school Marvel, so feel free to include anything that doesn't shade into he hidden importance of dudes. More punching dinosaurs, less dudes, is my life motto here.

I don't think I have anything to add here except to say that I will be up on all issues of CM by the time Yuletide rolls around, so don't worry about spoilers or anything! Also, I am a superhuge Jess fan but not very up on her whole thing with Clint. I gleefully ship Jess and Carol, but if you don't want to go that route, I love them as friends too. Either way, as long as they're not so sweet my dentist will find cavities, it's all good.

Bomb Girls
I love Lorna and Betty's not-quite-friendship. They both deal with so many hard things and change so much. Something about the two of them would be marvellous. I'd also love something about Lorna and her relationship to the girls and the factory and the war and her job (read "and" as "or" as you wish). Or something about Betty and any of her love interests/subtextual love interests. Future-fic would be fun too. Feel free to throw in any of the other characters, particularly Kate or Gladys, but I'd like the focus on one or both of my chosen two.

I think what impresses me most about these two is their ability to change – very slowly, in some cases, but nevertheless. Also, I am a sucker for Canadiana.

I would love to see more of the Stahma/Kenya relationship, particularly to go inside either of their heads throughout. A future fic would be interesting - is Kenya really dead? What happened in the woods? I would also love a Stahma-centric fic about pretty much any aspect of her life in Defiance. I didn't tag Amanda in this, but I'd love to see how Stahma handles being around her knowing what's happened to Kenya.

I love Stahma, and not just because she's played by Jaime Murray. I love her because she operates on so many layers simultaneously. She is Machiavellian and Lady Macbeth-y and so fucking smart. Was Kenya part of her plan? Did she develop genuine feelings for Kenya? Are these two possibilities mutually exclusive? What other intrigues does she have brewing, and who else gets under her skin?

The Good Wife
Some of the stuff I am going to say is spoilery up to the most recent ep aired (5.03), so I will put that in my Dear Author letter. However, I'm really interested in a Kalinda/Alicia or Kalinda & Alicia story dealing with abandonment issues. I will keep up to date on the canon, so you can either do so as well or set it at some point this season, no worries! If you don't want to write that, I'd love a Kalinda-centric story about her past or her time at Lockhart Gardner, as long as it doesn't deal with her husband.

Okay, so that moment in 5.03 where Kalinda realizes that Alicia is leaving Lockhart Gardner just slayed me. I would love to read something themed around that. If things develop throughout the season, feel free to take whatever happens into account, or to set something in that one episode, or to go totally AU. I just really love that we are still seeing that the Kalinda & Alicia – or Kalinda/Alicia – relationship is still so important to Kalinda. Is it still important to Alicia?

Anyways, I think that's more than everything I needed to say. I hope you find something that intrigues you and that you have fun writing! I am really looking forward to reading what you come up with. Thank you again. :D


Oct. 9th, 2013 10:27 pm
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I know a few people were interested in the one-woman play I rehearsal-crashed in Toronto - the one starring Torri Higginson. They're doing a Kickstarter right now, and one of the perks for donating is a link to a download of the performance. :D! Go forth and fund Torri goodness.
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Mwahaha. I just got my [community profile] femslashex assignment (I waffled on signing up because the usual suspects aren't running it and I was less than thrilled with some of the modifications to the way it usually runs, but how could I not sign up for the femslash exchange come ON), and the recip gave absolutely no details whatsoever. Which means I can write whatever. I. want.
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Nothing to see here. Move along.


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